How To Easily Build a Temporary Raised Garden Bed

Having a temporary raised garden bed in your farm or small plot is very beneficial to grow flowers or raise crops. However, people who don’t have the skill in carpentry get easily intimidated to build one fearing that they might do it in a wrong way. If you are one of those people who are feeling the same, then this is the right time for you to get your hammer and nails and see what you can do with the help of the instructions detailed below:

  1. Get the finest lumbers. The ideal size of lumbers to be used to build a temporary raised garden bed is 4’x4’x8’. Choose the landscape timbers that have slightly rounded edges and are treated. This material is very ideal for a temporary raised garden because this can be stabilized when it is laid on the ground. As well, this is simple and efficient.
  2. Use the right shovel. The right shovel to use for this construction is the one with a slight curved back. When using this, simply hold it straight to the ground and force it down to the soil to dig about half an inch. The channel you are going to form using your shovel will be used to hold the timbers, you will not use any screw or nail to hold them. Hence, it is just fine even if the raised bed you will be able to build has a little shifting.
  3. Place your landscape timbers inside the channel. Definitely, you need to curve the channel to the size that will fit to the width of the timbers.
  4. Simply cut the width of the timber if you desire to have a shorter bed. You may decide to have 8’ long bed with two to three feet width. This size is very ideal because you can easily work on either side with this size.
  5. Include a mixture of compost to the bed. The purpose of this is to fill in the raised garden bed and to improve the quality of the soil. The type of compost you will need will depend on what you desire to grow in the raised plot. You may decide to buy the compost from your trusted store or mix your own compost. Apply it by simply mixing it with your present soil to give either your flowers or fruits a fantastic growth.

Believe it or not, even if you are not skilled in carpentry, you can finish setting up your temporary raised garden within 20 minutes, even if you decide to have a narrower plot. This time frame will only take a little longer if you still need to clear out the area you plan to use.

With a temporary raised garden, you can just pick it up without giving yourself so much stress once you are done in your gardening for the year. You can store up the materials so you can use it for another year to come. Of course, you may also decide to keep your raised garden bed where you set it up to hold the soil you cultivated.


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