How To Eliminate Canadian Geese

Canadian geese look great when they’re up in the sky. It’s a different matter altogether when they choose your property as their summer home. Aside from leaving all that poop and smell, Canadian geese will not think twice about chasing and hissing you off your own property when provoked. The nerve! Hence, the moment you spot these unwelcome visitors in your property you must do everything that you can to chase them away from your property as early as possible. Exercise caution and don’t use an umbrella this time since these birds can be aggressive. It won’t work.

Check out these tips to help you drive off Canadian geese:

  • Observe their behavior. Canadian geese may stay in your property for just a day or two. This is not a cause for concern if this is the case. They are migratory birds and will leave your property on their own without prodding from you. On the other hand, there is more than one variety of Canadian geese that like overstaying their welcome. If on the 3rd day, you still see the same flock seemingly trying to mark their territory as evidenced by aggressive behavior, it’s time to make plans for action. Take out your shotgun! Kidding!
  • Use a goose repellent. There are a respectable number of repellents that will work best for Canadian geese. Though they smell bad for the geese, they are relatively safe because repellents use non-toxic and biodegradable chemicals. So don’t you worry about killing any of these birds with a repellent. Leave that for your shotgun. Kidding!
  • Use an audio repellent. If you do not want to use chemicals to chase Canadian geese away, audio repellents are one of the best solutions for you. An audio repellent system works by imitating scary danger calls and warnings so that the Canadian geese will instinctively take flight and head as far away from your property as their wings will allow. One audio repellent system will work best for an area of around five acres so if your property is bigger that this size, you will require two or more audio repellent systems.
  • Allow your herding dogs to do the work. Dogs, specifically Border Collies or any breed of Collie, would love to chase these birds off your property. Herding dogs will just chase the geese and won’t kill them while doing so. There’s nothing to worry about.
  • Grow tall grass or fast-growing plants. Canadian geese are attracted to flat and open spaces. If your property is built this way, you might as well consider planting tall grass or any plant that grows fast and tall to prevent these birds from taking refuge in your property.
  • Seek help from a pest or bird control agency or service. There are a lot of other options to help you get rid of Canadian geese from your property if the suggestions above won’t work. Perhaps your last resort would be calling in professional help to get these birds off your land soon. Contact a bird control agency or service and ask them for help.
  • Explore options with the government. Though lethal, deadly, or more aggressive options can be possible to eliminate Canadian geese, you need permit from the government for you to go ahead and resort to these measures. However, this should be the last option for your consideration. If all other methods fail as stated, this is the only time you must entertain this option.

Canadian geese when left to do their thing and squat on your property can do a lot of damage that will result to money from your end. Money for repairs, that is. It is your right to drive them off but be as humane as possible. After all, they are God’s creatures, too. Now put that shotgun away, Mister!


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