How To Eliminate Pigeons

Even the hardiest bird-watcher would know pigeons to be nuisance birds, because if these birds are allowed to breed and flourish in homes, public areas or commercial areas, their sheer number (as they usually come in flocks) would drive anybody crazy. Even worse, their waste matter could deface any structure, and could cause contamination and infection. If you’re looking for ways to eliminate pigeons, here are some guidelines to remember:

  • Install bird netting on areas you want protected. You might get to the root of the problem and discourage pigeons from settling in in the first place. Place sheets of fine mesh netting over your attics, vents or any other spot and openings that the birds frequent. The problem with this is that netting on your home’s exteriors might be considered unsightly.
  • Install bird spikes or bird strips. If you’re put-off by the appearance of bird netting, an alternative you might consider are bird spikes. Simply install these needle strips (which are widely-available commercially) onto your home’s roof ledges, balcony edges, beams, windowsills and other structural projections. Though they are easier to install than the bird netting, some people find bird spikes to give a “medieval” look to their home.
  • Try ultrasonic devices. Ultrasonic devices are meant to scare off pigeons by giving off high-pitched sounds which are undetectable by humans. This is a good alternative if you don’t want to install netting or spikes on your home. These devices are also effective at discouraging other unwanted animals, such as stray dogs and cats, from settling around your home. Ultrasonic devices are not cheap, however, and there are some cases when they might not work on some pigeons.
  • Sprinkle spices all over areas where pigeons roost. Pigeons don’t like the smell and taste of spices, so one possible deterrent for them are pepper, cayenne and cinnamon sprinkled all over their favorite nesting areas. This is a cheap and easy solution for discouraging them from being comfortable in your home.
  • Try bird-proof gels. Another alternative is to buy specially-formulated bird-proof gels that you would apply to the pigeons’ regular roosting areas. The gel is non-lethal and non-toxic, but they will definitely discourage the pigeons from staying. Some products are available for about $95, and one application is meant to deter pigeons for as long as one year.
  • Try installing iridescent tape. Strips of iridescent tape, which reflect light and constantly change colors and patterns, will serve to irritate and unsettle the pigeons and cause them to steer clear of your property.
  • Never feed the birds. Remember: feeding the birds even once is virtually welcoming them all into your territory. You should make sure that no bird-feeder stays near your territory either.

There you have it! These are some of the most effective methods to eliminate pigeons from your home. You might need to do trial-and-error to find out which would give the best results. Do remember that all your effort to eliminate these pests would be worth it, as you would be saving yourself a lot of money in terms of repairs for damaged and defaced surfaces. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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