How To Eliminate Rabbits

Rabbits are cute and cuddly; but not while they’re in the act of eating your plants from your garden! Be a magician and discover how to effectively make these little critters disappear:

  • Place a face around your garden. This should be one of your first steps; placing a protective barrier is the one thing that would effectively keep rabbits away from your property. Use chicken wire, but make sure that it’s not only high enough (about 3 feet is adequate), it should also be dug deep enough into the ground so that rabbits and other nuisance creatures won’t be able to enter your property from underground.
  • Use a dog to scare the rabbits away. A dog can scare away rabbits, and having one constantly guarding your garden will discourage rabbits from venturing near it. A word of warning, though: if your dog bites the rabbit and the rabbit has rabies, your dog might become a carrier of it (even if she’s already vaccinated). That’s why you could have your dog trained to simply bark at the rabbits, but never to bite them.
  • Use humane rabbit traps. Also called catch-and-release traps, these contraptions will effectively capture rabbits alive. You can purchase them commercially, and place them in areas frequented by rabbits. Put some produce inside the traps to bait the rabbits. Once you do capture the critters, make sure that you drop them off at least five miles away. A word of warning though: keep children and your pets away from these rabbit traps, as they could prove to be very dangerous.
  • Try dried blood meal. You can purchase these at gardening centers; simply sprinkle them around the periphery of your garden, and rabbits would be discouraged from venturing in (they don’t like the smell).
  • Try sprinkling spices on plants they eat. Observe the specific areas in your garden that the rabbits seem to frequent; afterwards, sprinkle spices such as pepper, garlic and cayenne pepper on these plants. Rabbits are known to dislike the pungent odor and tastes of these spices, and they would learn quickly to keep away from your “flavorful” garden. Do remember to sprinkle the spices every now and then, especially right after rainfall.
  • Try putting human hair around the periphery of your garden. You could request from your local barbershop for some bags of human hair; do let them know your reason for such request or you might get questioning glances. Also be aware that some rabbits do not seem to be affected at all by human hair, so you might want to try this solution in conjunction with others.
  • Put plants that rabbits don’t like. Some examples of these plants include the following: milkweeds, native wild lettuce, wild sages, lupines, vervains, ironweed, ragworts and St. John’s Wort. These plants are usually too bitter or even poisonous, and would discourage rabbits from frequenting your garden.

There you have it! These are just some of the tried-and-tested solutions for keeping rabbits away from your garden. Remember, you should actively try out two or more of the above tips until you find that you have made the rabbits magically disappear from your property. Good luck, and hope this helped!


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