How To Enhance the Entry

A Stylish & Functional Foyer

Most visitors and guests who come to your home will enter through your main door foyer, so it's important that this space is stylish and welcoming. A foyer or entry is also useable space that can be used to your advantage; stylish, functional storage can help keep this space useable and organized as well as attractive.

Step 1

Functional Entryway Decor

  • With family members continually coming and going, a foyer can quickly become a dumping ground for hats, coats, books and other personal items. If your foyer contains a closet, reorganize by adding shelves in addition to hanging space. Loose items – hats, gloves, scarves – can be stored in baskets on the shelf.
  • Make the entry space even more stylish and functional with an ottoman or bench that offers storage below. This will provide convenient spot to sit when removing shoes or setting down a briefcase or bag. If vintage is your style, search antique stores and flea markets for a classic hall tree. Or turn two or three vintage dining chairs into a bench by removing the seats and uniting the chairs with a long piece of finished wood. Paint the chairs and bench seat as desired and add a long upholstered cushion for comfort. Place a long mirror above for a simple yet eye-catching arrangement. If wall space permits, wall sconces can be added to one or both sides of the mirror.
  • If your foyer is too small for a bench, consider a small table with a drawer or two. This will give you a place to drop keys, cell phones and other small items that can clutter an entry. Stylish details like an umbrella stand or small stool can give the entry a little more usability.

Step 2

Adding Style to the Foyer

  • Emphasize Space with Mirrors. A small entry table is the perfect companion for a framed wall mirror. Hang the mirror above the table and let it reflect light from a window to make a small foyer seem larger. The mirror will also reflect light from a stylish lamp set on the table, electric or candle wall sconces or fragrant candles set in beautiful candle holders atop the table. A wall mirror is an asset in any foyer, large or small, adding natural light, reflecting artificial or candlelight, and providing a convenient spot to check your appearance.
  • Reflect your style. Let the foyer hint at your stylistic preferences through your choice of wall decor and accessories. From floral arrangements to photo frames, to lamps, photographs, figurines and sculptures, accent your contemporary, eclectic or traditional style.
  • Place it on a pedestal. Anything from a contemporary sculpture to a floral arrangement or topiary can be placed on a pedestal that packs a punch of style in a very small footprint. From marble and granite to brushed metal or painted resin, pedestals can be found in every price range and style, making them an easy-to-use accent in the entry. Place a mirror behind a pedestal and make it a focal point with many potential viewing points.

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