How To Ensure Pest Control in Organic Gardening

Aside from not using any artificial fertilizers and genetically-modified crops, the hallmark of organic gardening is not using any chemical fertilizers, as well. The concept is fairly simple. Let nature run its course by making the vegetable garden as conducive to the growth of the natural predators and enemies of pests as much as possible.

There are certain substances that garden pests just hate to be around with. Instead of using insecticide spray that can be bought in cans at the grocery store, why not use all-natural pest control substances? These would be great in repelling pests and at times, some can even knock them out cold.

  1. Odors are very strong weapons against pests. The aromas that pests abhor include garlic, tobacco and fish. These smells have been known to repel pests.
  2. Gases can also be used against pests. There are certain crops that have natural smells and oils that can be strong enough to keep pests at bay. These techniques can be very useful when it comes to vegetable gardening. Gases and natural oils do not leave residue on your crops, and these will not ruin the taste, like most commercial pesticides do.
  3. Chilies and other very pungent spices can be a very strong repellent against pests. You can plant spices around your garden, and the scent will turn away most pests due to their strong odor. Kerosene, salt and hard liquors are also a good deterrent.
  4. Oils can also be used to deal with pests. Oils can block the pores of soft-bodied insects that breathe through their skin, and therefore either turn them away or kill them as well as insecticides would.

Garlic spray is probably the most versatile tool that you can use in your garden’s organic soil. The recipe for the spray is quite simple. It’s a combination of about three bulbs of garlic, chili peppers, vegetable oil, liquid detergent and water. After mixing the ingredients, you can use a spray bottle from your gardening supplies and evenly distribute the solution throughout your organic seed garden.

If you’re having a problem with moths and other insects that might be trying to chew up the green leafy vegetables in your plot, you may be better off trying to create your own concoction of molasses. By mixing a few tablespoons of molasses with vinegar and water, you can successfully repel leaf eaters off your cabbages and lettuce.

Organic gardening is a very good hobby, since you can be self-sufficient with your produce. This can also give you an opportunity to spend some time under the sun. Plot tilling and other garden work would be a good low-impact workout particularly for those who cannot undergo the more stressful, high-impact exercise regimens like running and weight lifting. When gardening, though, always remember that there are insects that can definitely help you plants out. Not all the bugs that you see crawling about are pests so make sure that you’re maintaining the right balance of good insects in your garden.


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