How To Fashion Faux Paint Vintage Metal

While some creative furniture owners are turning furniture into antiques or tints and washes to add character to their furniture, you might be one of those who want their furniture to look like they have just arrived from the warehouse. 

Let's say grandmother has given you her favorite garden chair. It may be old and unsightly, but you don't want to let grandmother's favorite garden chair go to the junk shop.  There is still hope for that piece of furniture.  Just continue to read on, and you'll find out how you can turn grandma's old piece into your daughter's favorite reading chair.

  • You will need a piece of soft, clean cloth, newspaper, masking tape, spray paint primer, spray paint for metal and liquid TSP.
  • Since you will be using spray paints and other chemicals, the ideal place to do this project is outdoors where it is well-ventilated. If you don't have enough space to do it outdoors, make sure that you wear protective gear like eye goggles to prevent you from totally inhaling the fumes coming from the paints and chemicals.
  • Clean the chair completely using liquid TSP applied on a soft, clean cloth. Once you've totally cleaned the chair, allow it to completely dry.
  • If you're working indoors, place the newspaper on the floor area that you think might be accidentally sprayed by paint. The more area you covered, the better. If you're working outdoors, try to choose a place where it will be fine to have spray paints on the ground. Avoid doing it on grass parts that serve as ornaments.
  • If you are using more than two shades of paint, use the masking tape to covers those areas you don't want to have the paint on. Make sure to avoid having gaps in between the tapes. Gaps between the tapes will allow the paint to fill in parts of the area where you don't want that color.
  • Now you can start painting the chair with the primer. Place the chair on the newspaper and start spraying. Spray only a thin coat of the primer. Make sure that you hold the spray about two to three feet away from the furniture to avoid putting too much paint on.

    This will also avoid dripping spots. You need to apply about five to ten coatings. Make sure that you let the paint dry completely before applying the next coating.

  • Once the primer coating is completed, you can now start spraying the paint. As with the primer, spray the metal paint on the furniture at a good distance to avoid drippings. Make sure you let the first coating dry up completely before applying the second coating. You can keep on applying more coating until you reached your desired look.

This entire procedure is not only for your grandmother's garden chair.  You can also try doing this to other vintage metals in your home that you would like to turn into something looking new. 

You can also give your patio chairs, metal benches, coffee tables into something new by following this same procedure.


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