How To Fasten Objects to a Wall

Unless you are satisfied with walls bearing no pictures or other hangings, sooner or later it will become time to fasten an object to the wall.  Although it is not difficult to properly fasten an object to a wall, it is very important to do it correctly and follow several critical steps.

First and foremost, you need to consider what type of object you would like to secure to the wall.  How heavy is the object?  Is it breakable?  Will you be adding more weight to the object once it is fastened to the wall?  The type of object is going to determine what additional steps will be required to properly fasten it, so be sure to think carefully during this step.

The second step is to decide where you would like to fasten the object and on which wall.  What type of wall is it going to be secured to?  For example, types of walls can include sheetrock, masonry/brick, wood paneling, and tile.  Each type of wall will have its own requirements, so read carefully below to ensure that you are following the proper procedures.

Sheetrock - It is best to fasten objects to a stud when possible, but if you are unable to...then there are ways to secure items to sheetrock.  If you are installing in sheetrock, you will need drywall screws and holders.  These are simple to use, and further instructions are on the back of the package.  For light items, you can use a picture hanger that will nail directly into any spot on the sheetrock.  This method is best used for items under 30 pounds.

Masonry/Brick - Unless you are going to be installing something with adhesive, your best bet to fasten an object to a wall made of brick is to use concrete screws.  Screw these directly into the wall for best results.

Wood Paneling - When fastening an object to this type of wall, either use nails or screws and secure them to studs beneath the paneling if possible.  Long screws can be used as well.

Tile - Fastening an object to a tile wall can be very difficult, so be careful not to crack the tile.  A screw specifically designed for use with tile should be utilized.

As simple as fastening an object to a wall can be, remember that it is imperative that you take your time and do the job correctly.  Nothing is more frustrating than watching your entire work tumble to the floor.


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