How To Feng Shui: Create an Altar, your Sacred Space

In feng shui, your altar is your sacred space. A sacred space could mean a lot of things. It could mean a place of comfort, a refuge or a sanctuary. It’s a place where you feel you belong. It’s a place that mirrors who you really are. All of us would definitely want to have our own sacred space. Feng shui will help you create an altar that would reflect all the things you desire: love and compassion, kindness, self esteem, acceptance, generosity, truth and peace. This article discusses what should comprise your altar or sacred space.

  • Make sure you know where your altar objects are from. Refrain from buying your altar objects from thrift stores. This is because you do not have any idea about the energy associated with the objects or the real story why these items are being sold. You never know. That wonderful figurine you wanted to buy could be connected to a sad story.
  • Clean your altar or sacred space and remove dust from the altar items regularly. Wash the items that are washable. If an object is not washable, place it outside in sunlight for a few hours.
  • Put fresh flowers but do not forget to change the water every day. Replace the flowers every after three days.
  • Begin setting up your altar once you have an item for one life area in your sacred space. You can change altar items once you feel you are no longer comfortable with these items.
  • Create your altar. Using the feng shui Bagua, it is important to locate the nine life areas for you to know how to place the objects in the altar. You may refer to articles about the nine life areas for more information and better understanding.
      • Fame and reputation life area. Examples of altar objects for this are feather, balloon, bird, butterfly, airplane, pyramid, volcano and your power animal. You may use an image of these objects or a three-dimensional representation.
      • Relationship. Examples of altar objects for this are ceramic hearts, stones, red, pink or white candles, and two birds.
      • Children and creativity. Examples of altar objects for this are the pictures of your children in white or metal frames, three sharp pencils for writers, or an image of a musical instrument for musicians.
      • Family. Examples of altar objects for this are an image of a tree, images of family in wooden frames, and a miniature wooden house.
      • Helpful people and travel. Examples of altar objects for this are a small globe, a map of the country you would like to visit, a bell, or an image of a person you consider helpful to your life.
      • Career. Examples of altar objects for this are an image of flowing water, fountain, flowy black or dark blue fabric, and a keepsake or souvenir of your career.
      • Skills, knowledge, and wisdom. You can use images of a deity, god, or spiritual leader Like Jesus, Buddha, and Mary. You can likewise use images that have religious or spiritual meaning for you like a Christian cross. It is also allowed to place an inspiring book in this section.
      • Abundance and prosperity. Examples of altar objects for this are a piece of jewelry, gold nugget, image of a redwood tree or forest.
      • Health. Examples of altar objects for this are an item connected with your exercise routine, fruits and vegetables, and nine pebbles. You can also write your own clean- bill-of-health and place it in this area.

Things you need: various altar objects and Bagua.


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