How To Feng Shui: Living in a Split- or Tri-Level Home

Feng shui is that ancient Chinese art of bringing harmony to a space by ensuring the balance of elements. It is believed that by properly placing objects and things, the flow of energy into a space is maximized, bringing health, prosperity and harmony to those who occupy it.

Feng shui is slowly becoming more mainstream in western cultures, because it’s effects though subtle are quite noticeable. Whether you believe it or approach it with a healthy dose of skepticism, you may benefit from feng shui, especially if you live in a split level or multi level home.

Here are some feng shui tips for those who live in a split level or tri-level home.

  • Focus your intention. The power of feng shui is the intention behind the action. Placing rocks on the ground with the intention that you are grounding a space is what helps the chi or energy flow in your home to improve. If you can’t buy what you are doing and you keep thinking “yeah right”, you may want to get a professional to do it for you. Feng shui consultants can come to your home and make the necessary adjustments for you. Once you make the changes and you feel the subtle energy change, perhaps you’ll become a believer.
  • Get a plan of your home. If you want the full consultation, it’s best to have a written plan of the home. This will give the geomancer the proper information about your home to customize a feng shui treatment for you. Aside from the measurements, you can also get the orientation of the home. If you have an irregularly shaped home, you need to symbolically connect or fill in the missing corners to come up with either a rectangular or square shaped space. Any protrusions will affect the flow of energy in your home.
  • Place objects in a uniform level to trick the eye. If you have a space that suddenly breaks into two levels, place a row of objects such a family pictures of the same frame and size at the same level even when the floor of one level starts to go up. This will give the visual appearance that the ground is still at a uniform level.
  • Check the foundation of the home. If your house is built on a hillside, chances are, your home is built as a split level going down instead of going up. If there is not ground foundation and your home is built on stilts, you may feel unsupported. Place symbolic objects to help ground the hanging portion of your home, such as weighted crystals or rocks.
  • Use plants. On the ground level of your home, place some live plants to round the space. If you want to increase the energy, you may also place some smooth stones inside the pot to increase the grounding effect. This is the equivalent of making roots.
  • Use lights. If you want to bring something up, use lights that are pointed up. For example, if the entrance to your split level home is going down, this is generally bad feng shui. To counteract this, place objects that bring your attention upwards, such as ground lights that are pointed up or musical chimes that make you look up instead of down. If you have a sunken room, move the eye up by placing ceiling fans, an eye catching light fixture, crystals or other objects that draw your attention upwards.

Split or tri-level homes are generally frowned upon in feng shui because the energy is dispersed in a negative way. It is said the energy flows like water so it may be stagnant in some parts and not reach others. However, by applying the proper feng shui principles, you may not have to sell your home to achieve some balance. Try to follow the improvements suggested. With a few simple changes, you can make a dramatic difference in the way you live in your space.


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