How To Feng Shui Your Home Using Stained Glass

Feng Shui is a centuries-old system, developed in China, of rearranging energy patterns in a location in order to optimize what's there and improve the health, well-being and prosperity of the occupants of the home, building or office.  The ultimate purpose of using Feng Shui is to bring an atmosphere of overall harmony to the place where Feng Shui principles and accessories, such as stained glass, are employed.

One of the ways Feng Shui accomplishes improving the energy and good fortune of those who live and work in a particular space is to add more light or different colors to the room.  This can be easily accomplished by adding stained glass as part of the decor.  The trick to using stained glass as a Feng Shui tool is knowing where and how to place the item.

Stained glass is included in two different Feng Shui categories, light and color, in order to help restore balance or add better vibration to an environment.  Stained glass is an art form that takes regular clear glass and colors it by adding metallic salts during the heating and glazing process.  The pieces of colored glass are lined with lead and combined like pieces of a jig saw puzzle to make intricate and detailed designs that can feature everything from religious scenes from the Bible and wild animals to flowers, nature scenes , lighthouses and sea scapes.

Stained glass can be manufactured to produce whole windows, panels that hang in front of a regular window, lamps, vases, wind chimes, tabletops, hanging ornaments and crystals.

Feng Shui practitioners may advise that you hang a stained glass sun catcher or ornament at the rear door to your house to reflect the energy inside and prevent this energy, also known as "chi", from escaping.  Just be sure that the stained glass piece you select is made from authentic glass and not a cheaper version using plastic or Lucite; these do not have the same vibration as true glass.

Many homeowners put stained glass windows into their front doors depicting flowers, lucky bamboo trees or other lucky symbols in order to welcome their guests with good fortune and light.

If you want to increase career success, make sure the stained glass art you hang includes the color black.  Shades of blue and green are fortuitous for family matters, while combinations of purple, red and blue bring wealth, red alone attracts fame, white protects children and creativity and combinations of pink, white and red color schemes in stained glass artwork benefits marriages and relationships in general.


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