How To Fight a Moth Infestation

Moths are considered by many a pest of an insect and have the potential to wreak havoc be it at home or in the offices. The two kinds of moths that people need to watch out for are the clothes and the pantry moths. How you go about exterminating these pests depends on the kind of moth you are facing. You need to start by finding the source of the month infestation. Pantry moths find that laying their eggs near a food source is preferred as this is beneficial to newly hatched larva. The prime suspects to a pantry moth attack are dry goods and grains. Clothes moths on the other hand find animal based furs as their favorite place to lay their eggs. Take note of these tips to effectively fight a moth infestation:

  • Inspect your pantry. Moth infestation can occur in places like your pantry. If you are wary of this, consider checking the contents of your pantry to see if dried goods and grains have become a nest for moths. If you have found the source, you will need to dispose of all the former contents of the pantry. Moreover, moth bombs or total control moth sprays have been found to be effective weapons against pests in their adult form.
  • Inspect all clothing and wardrobe. Consider keeping a watchful eye on fabrics comprised of fur, wool, fleece, pelt and hair material. Finding pests in a sea of clothing can be quite tedious as clothes moths often lay eggs in harder to find areas on garments. In any case, all affected items must be washed, be it by dry cleaning or machine washing, in hot water. This is done to kill off the moth eggs to prevent a recurrence of the pest.
  • Inspect other possible sites. Check areas of primary concern for moth infestation such as the living room and the bedroom. If these areas are indeed affected, a general yet thorough cleaning should be done as soon as possible. Usually, cleaning companies are contacted to render such services but if you decide to take matters into your own hands, make sure you go over all corners and spaces where moths are most likely to occupy and lay eggs. Carpets or rugs must also be shampooed because they are a favorite residence for moths. Installing moth traps in affected areas are a wise decision to effectively reduce moth infestation in the future.

Fighting a moth infestation can be a challenging task. The best way to combat these pests is to take the necessary precautions in reorganizing spaces that have been previously invaded. The use of effective repellents and traps can result to the gradual reduction house pests and annoyances.


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