How To Find a Focal Point in a Room

One of the most basic fundamentals of interior decoration is the distinguishing of a focal point of a room. Now, a focal point can be just about anything as long as it stands out, from something structural like a fireplace or dramatic set of windows, to a piece of furniture such as an expensive painting or a cherished antique chair of your grandmother’s. This article is your guide to finding that perfect focal point.

  1. Although this in not true with all rooms, the largest feature of your room is likely going to be your focal point. If you happen to have a staircase, built-in shelving, or a particularly beautiful window or doorway.
  2. If none of the architectural features of the room in question are impressive, it may be a good idea to find a special piece of furniture such as a large red couch or an ornate headboard if your project is the bedroom.
  3. Since the focal point of a room is meant to be the first thing a guest will notice about a given room, it is a good idea to keep it interesting. If you don’t have much of a choice in the way of furniture, an easy way to create a focal point is by using a very aesthetically pleasing decoration such as a clock or painting.
  4. Once you’ve found the focal point of your room, it is a good idea to work the lighting of the room around the focal point. If you’ve chosen built-in shelves, one idea is to install recessed lighting to illuminate any decorations you may add. If the focal point is a set of end tables on either end of a sofa, place matching lamps on them.
  5. Building onto the last point, if your focal point is a set of end tables, you would want to keep the lamps simple. The focal point of your room should be exactly that: a focal point!
  6. If it is at all possible, it would be a great idea to build your furniture around the focal point. If your focal point is a marble fireplace, you will want to have a sitting area around the fireplace; maybe a sofa or pair of elaborate rocking chairs.
  7. When choosing a focal point, remember to keep it colorful and interesting.
  8. One idea to make a focal point stand out, especially if the focal is not as bright, but cherished anyhow, is to contrast the color of the object with the backdrop behind it, such as having a white shelf placed against a dark wall.


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