How To Find a Hand Water Pump

A hand water pump is quite indispensable in areas that are prone to water outages, have no access to community water systems or for those businesses such as farms and gardens which require several gallons of water on a daily basis. Hand water pumps are very much in demand in developing countries. Having a hand water pump in your backyard will ensure that you have continuous supply of water, even when the power is out and using your own power to bring up the water can give you some savings in your utility bills. There are different types of hand water pumps to suit different needs and you have to make sure that the one you are getting is the one that will be suitable to your water source. Here are some tips on how to find a hand water pump.

  • Check out plumbing stores in your area. They carry all sorts of supplies for all our plumbing needs and will be able to advise you on what type of hand water pump to buy depending on your location, the water source available and what type of reservoir the water will come from. If the hand water pump is to be used as your main water source, you may have to think about the installation of a water tank and a different type of water pump to make the mechanical water take up easier. A shallow water source will use a different type of hand water pump than a deep-well water pump.
  • Check out well-drilling companies operating in your area. They have the experience to give you professional advice and will be able to provide you with a quotation on well-drilling services and the right type of hand water pump that will be suitable for your needs. If you own a farm, a large plant nursery and other business concerns that require plenty of fresh water supply, a well-drilling company is the best place to make inquiries.
  • Check out the yellow pages for listings of hand water pump distributors in your area. You will be able to visit the stores where the pumps are displayed and request product brochures so that you can make comparisons. The sales people at the store are also trained to provide you information and answer your questions about the different types of hand water pumps that are available.
  • Check online for suppliers and distributors. You will have a general idea of the different types and view photos of the various hand water pumps. Compare product ratings, read product reviews and check out the prices of the different types of hand water pump.
  • You may also find several kinds of hand water pumps in garden supply stores. Since gardens require a continuous supply of fresh water to sustain the plants growing in the nurseries, most of them use hand water pumps to help them save on water bills. Garden supply stores are also one of the best areas where you can get more information on the different types of hand water pumps and their uses and they will be able to give you good recommendations on what type to buy.

It is a good idea to augment your water supply with a hand pump installed in your backyard. You can save on your utility bills and your children can also have fun taking turns getting water and bathing outdoors in the summer. It can also be a good exercise, as you need your arm muscles to move the handle up and down to bring out the water.


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