How To Find a Hard Floor Chair Mat

In any workspace, whether it’s for the home or business office, a good workstation is essential. Having a comfortable chair is key. If you have an office chair with rolling casters, it’s important to protect the floor surface that it is on. It will make moving around easier and at the same time protect the floor surface. If you have hard floors, you may think you can skip the chair mat. However, if you want to prolong the life of your floor and protect it from unnecessary scuffmarks and scratches, getting a chair mat is a good idea.

Here’s how to find a hard floor chair mat.

  • Determine the floor area where the chair is on. Before you start shopping, you need to assess the space where you have the chair. This will give you an idea of the approximate size the chair mat needs to be. Move the chair around so you can assess the range of movement of the chair. If you have a limited space, you don’t need to get a big chair mat. If you have a big desk or a wide area to work on, you may opt for a bigger chair mat. Make sure to get a mat that will give you ample room to move around without falling off the perimeter.
  • Determine how much you can spend. There is a wide rang of prices depending on the size and material of the chair mat. Inexpensive hard floor chair mats can be purchased for as little at $40. Other brands carry floor mats that sell for up to $500. When you decide how much you can spend, you should be able to find a chair mat.
  • Decide on the color and material. Some mats are made of clear plastic. Other mats are made of more expensive materials. There are various finishes available in the market. Most are made of clear polycarbonate, but there are manufacturers who make hard floor chair mats made of wood, such as bamboo. These tend to be more beautiful and well constructed, although it is also more expensive. Check that the item has a non-skid backing.
  • Check the Internet. Now that you have an idea what to look for, you can start browsing your options online. Nextag and Amazon carry a wide selection of hard floor chair mats. Make sure to indicate that you want a chair mat for your hard floor. If you get a mat made for carpet floors, it will have bumps that will damage your hardwood finish. Once you make your selection, purchase the item and wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep.
  • Buy from the office supply stores. If you’re a traditional shopper and would like to test out the item before you buy it, go to an office supply store. Office Depot and Staples carry a wide selection of hard floor chair mats. It’s a good idea to lay the mat you are considering on the floor so you have an idea of the amount of space it will take up. Get one of the chairs for sale to check how easy it is to move around on the mat.

It’s a simple process to find a hard floor chair mat. Once you purchase it, place it on the floor of your workspace and position your chair accordingly. A good quality chair mat should last you several years.


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