How To Find a Keyless Door Lock

Keyed door locks can be easily tampered with compared to keyless locks. Besides, with keyless locks, you can kiss your keys goodbye. No more time consuming search for misplaced keys, no more confusion on which key fits which lock. All you need is to punch the right combination or turn the dial in a combination lock to gain entry. A remote keyless lock is also a good one to have. Unlocking the door with a push of a button is very convenient, especially if you are carrying many things and you don’t have an extra hand to unlock the door. 

In case you are looking for keyless door locks, there are plenty for you to choose from. Change your keyed locks before it’s too late.

If you want to know how to find keyless door locks, you can do the following:

  1. Ask the expert. Your local handyman or locksmith probably has an idea which hardware shop to go to, rather than waste your time asking around hardware stores. Moreover, he can give you tips on what kind of keyless lock will serve your purpose.
  2. Go to local hardware stores and malls. If you are not acquainted with any handyman or locksmith, then it is a good idea to check with your local hardware stores and shopping malls. However, hardware stores are most likely to have a limited selection. Shopping malls, on the other hand, have different hardware stores with a wider selection of different sets of locks. Take your time in choosing the right lock for you. 
  3. Search using your telephone directories. If you can’t find anything near you, try searching in the phone directory instead. Surely, companies that deal with keyless locks have contact numbers. Call any of these numbers, inquire and if you find anything interesting, visit them. Saves both time and energy.
  4. Search for online stores. To get a wider coverage, search the Internet. Many sites offer different kinds of keyless door locks in various designs, sizes and style. Most of them offer free installation. Here are some of those sites:
  • This company specializes in biometric locks which are proven to be high security door locks.
  • This site is focused on using locks with a keypad instead, rather than keys, since keyed locks can be bumped while some require wire and batteries to operate.
  • Has a huge selection of locks for different purposes like ADA applications, doors, generators, well lock, etc. 
  • Their fingerprint door lock with superior thermal recognition technology can be gotten at a discounted price of $349 from $749. They are ideal for offices and companies. Their 7055 Deluxe Push-button lock with repeating digit feature is also at a discounted price of $116.42 from its usual price of $249. Not bad to have this one at home.   
  • Not only do they sell door locks for houses but also for cabinets, drawers and safes. They even posted which lock is a hot seller and which is on sale.

Aside from door locks, keyless safety door latches are also ideal to keep nosy children away from cabinets, basements and other restricted areas, but allow grownups to go in and out whenever they want. This can be bought in for only $14.96. 


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