How To Find Bamboo Blinds

There are several ways of finding bamboo or wood blinds these days. Bamboo or wood blinds can be found at your local flooring store. Usually a store that sells flooring will also sell window coverings as well. This would be the first place to call and check out what type of bamboo or wood blinds, if any, they might carry.

If you first go to your local flooring and window covering store, and you do not see what catches your eyes, then it is time to search online. There are so many companies today selling all sorts of window coverings. Including bamboo or wood blinds. Simply type, in your search engine, "bamboo blinds or wood blinds". As of right now, there are more than eleven pages of companies wanting to sell you their bamboo or wood blinds.

With all these online window covering stores, you cannot go wrong. In fact, some online stores sell more than one style of bamboo (wood) blinds. Yes, there is more than one style, of bamboo blinds these days. Here are a few styles which will fit well in a home by the ocean, lake, river or yes, even a home inland.

These are new styles now being sold:

  • Bamboo Matchstick Blinds which will allow more light to enter your windows and home along with giving your home protection from the sun's direct rays.
  • Bamboo Slats Blinds which look a little bit like the Matchstick Blinds, but allow for a little bit more privacy.
  • Burnt Bamboo Slats Blinds which are different in that they are made of the bamboo husk and smoked with a burnt finish. This specific bamboo (wood) blind is in a Roman shade style.
  • Tortoise Bamboo Slats Blinds are also made from the husk of the bamboo and also smoked with a burnt finish. These bamboo (wood) blinds are then dyed to give off a lighter finish.

All of the above styles are sold with a valance to complete the look once installed. Now, when it comes to the installation of bamboo (wood) blinds, each box comes with directions. These directions are mainly written for a professional installer. But, if the homeowner wants to install the bamboo blinds themselves, they will want to follow the instructions below.

  1. Once blinds are purchased and brought home, open box and remove all hardware from box. Lay each part out in front of you and along with the installation instructions, look to see if all the parts are provided.
  2. Have your screwdriver or cordless drill with you and ready for use. Along with a cordless drill, if you have one, make sure to use the 1/8 inch drill bit for this project.
  3. With pencil and brackets in hand, it is time to mark off where each bracket will be drilled into the window frame.
  4. If the bamboo blinds came with a valance, this should be attached to the front of the head rail. This can be done by using the clips or hooks which came in the box. The clips or hooks snap on easily to the head rail. With valance snapped on head rail, the bamboo blinds will now be suspended below the head rail.
  5. Now the head rail will be connected to the grooves found on the brackets. The head rail will snap into place on the brackets.
  6. To secure the head rail, each bracket door needs to be closed shut. Now, the tilt wand, which came in the box, can be snapped into place.
  7. Finally, it is time to release the cord lock. This allows for the cord to be lowered and let the bamboo blinds cover the window.

So, now you know where to find bamboo blinds and how easy it is to install them. Now, all you have to do is simply enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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