How To Find Design Ideas for Paths and Walkways

Designing a pathway or walkway to complement your home need not be a hardship, especially with the large amount of available resources you can derive ideas from. Read on for some of the best places to get inspiration and ideas from:

  • Go to parks and community gardens. A little bit of fieldwork is important, so you could see actually walkways that you could get ideas from. You would want to bring along a camera, a notepad and a pencil so you could record your observations. It’s also a good idea to bring along a friend or two so they’d be able to give you their personal inputs, plus you could plan this trip to double as an outing. Make sure that you visit your town/ city’s official website so you could find out listings of parks and recreation centers nearest you.
  • Go on a “field trip” around your neighborhood. Take the time to cruise around your neighborhood and do a little bit of sightseeing. Focus on the pathways instead of the houses, and you’d likely be able to find some particular ones that you like. A great reason for doing this is so that the future walkway that your home will have will not deviate too much from the standards of the other walkways in your neighborhood. You might also want to knock on the door of the houses with walkways that you particularly admire, and inquire with the owner about the details of the walkway and who had designed it.
  • Search the Internet. Another great resource that you could use of course, is the Internet. Check out Landscape Design: Do It Yourself for pages of great images of walkways that you could use as a springboard for your own ideas. You could also find paths and walkway ideas at, and a bonus is that each image has information about its builder and contractor. Yet another website you could derive ideas from is Landscape Design Advice, where you could look through design ideas depending on the type of material that you want it to be: concrete, brick, stone or bluestone. There are also some brief instructional guide and tips that accompany the images.
  • Purchase books. You could buy books that deal specifically with design ideas for pathways, such as Patios and Walkways Idea Book by Taunton Home, Black and Decker The Complete Guide to Patios and Walkways and Making Paths and Walkways. Of course, an alternative to purchasing books is to borrow books from your local library. Browse for books at the design and home improvement section.

There you have it! These are just some of the best and simplest ways to find design ideas for paths and walkways. You’d be surprised at how a simple addition of a walkway to your front yard will give your home classy elegance.

Once you have derived your own ideas for the pathway that you want, contact reputable builders or architects in your area. Do be open to the possibility that your exact idea may have to be adjusted a bit once you consult with the professional. These adjustments may be necessary in order to account for practicality and for your budget constraints.


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