How To Find Design Ideas for Swimming Pools

Raring for a new pool? If you’re in the process of having your home constructed and you’re keen on having a pool, it’s definitely worth it to do your research so you could help plan for the best swimming pool design that you can afford. Here are some of the ways that you could find design ideas for swimming pools:

  • Know which factors to consider. Apart from the obvious considerations of construction price, you should also think about the following factors when planning your pool design: the costs for maintenance; the number of people who would usually use the pool; the depth and width that you’d like the pool to have; the area that you would like the pool to be in; and the overall look that you want your pool to have. You should also take into consideration the surrounding landscape, since you would want your pool to conform smoothly to the area around it.
  • Research using magazines. Of course, some of the best resources you have are specialty books and magazines that feature pool ideas and designs. You wouldn’t necessarily have to buy a copy; you could search for copies in your local library.
  • Use the Internet. As usual, the Internet is your friend as you do your research. There are so many websites where you can derive design inspiration. Some of the sites worth checking out include the following:,,, and Or here’s another way you could do your research using the Internet: simply use the “images” search option at Google so you could search for pictures of nice pools. These images might work as a springboard for you to construct your own ideas of what your own pool should look like.
  • Consult with swimming pool contractors. Once you are armed with your initial ideas for designs, you should be ready to consult with professional swimming pool contractors. You could explain your ideas to them and you could discuss which of your plans are most workable, taking your budget into consideration. The contractor should also examine the area where the pool will be situated, so he can know whether the proposed pool design conforms to the overall look of the landscape.

Choosing a swimming pool design should not be too much of a hardship, considering the great number of resources that you have at your disposal. It is up to you, however, to limit the ideas that you generate to realistic and workable ones, considering your specific preferences, your budget, and the landscape where the swimming pool will be. It’s best that you start by listing down the things that you are looking for in a swimming pool, and the possible limitations that you are facing. You should also plan for the more fun things, such as the shape of the pool that you want, whether you want an infinity pool or an above-the-ground pool, and what colors you want your pool to have. Consider also accessibility (as in how many ways can a person get into the pool), and whether kids will be swimming in the pool as well. With all these factors and with the design ideas available, you will definitely manage to have a unique pool appropriate for your situation. Good luck!


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