How To Find Free and Printable Home Bar Plans

Raring to install a home bar in your living room or outdoor area?  Know that this is perhaps one of the more sophisticated additions you could make to your home, and it doesn't really take that much to make it happen. One of the major ways that you can cut down on costs is to find free and printable home bar plans. These plans will at least give you an idea as to how you would like your home bar built. Customize and make alterations according to your taste. Here are just some of the places where you can find free and printable home bar plans:

1.      Know of many non-online options. Perhaps one of the easiest steps you should take is to visit a local library and look up books on interior design and architecture. Remember, the library is one of the best places where you could get information practically for free, and you really should take advantage of the benefits of your local library.

2.      Try out some online sites. You would also do well to know of some very helpful websites, which offer free home bar plans. Some of these include the following:

  • Easy Home Bar Plans, the only community based home bar construction site on the web, offering the absolute best value in both commercial bar designs and home improvement bar and remodeling ideas.
  • Lowe's Creative Ideas, which showcases a tropical-style poolside homebar, along with materials needed, measurements and specifications, and project instructions.
  • Bar Plans Online, where you can find different home bar plan samples and photos that you can choose from. You will need to sign up and join the site's mailing list in order to start browsing through their collection.
  • Home Bar Project, where you could find home bar assembly instructions, diagrams, materials checklist and CAD drawings, of different bar styles. Some of the home bar styles available from this website include an L-shaped bar, a frameless bar, a back bar, and a tiki bar.
  • Precision Images Design, where you could find a wide variety of home bar designs in 3D, as well as different bar accessories that you could possibly use. However, do be prepared to pay a small amount in order to become a member to this site.
  • Captain Fletch, where you could open a PDF file of a specific home bar design, along with details and measurements.

3.      Try to consult professionals. Another option for you is to go to start-up interior design firms that might offer free consultation packages for new customers. There won't be any harm in trying to expand your network, and if you get freebies in the process, then lucky you!

4.      Go to trade shows. There might be some trade shows that highlight home bars near your area, and it will be a grand opportunity for you to get ideas on designs. You should also take this opportunity to expand your contacts on professionals who might be able to give you hefty discounts on your home bar creation.

There you have it! These are just some of the places where you can find free and printable home bar plans. Be encouraged by the fact that there are so many possible options for you out there, and the key is to be resourceful and to allot enough time for exploring the possible ways you can score your home bar at a great discount. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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