How To Find Free Playground Bark or Wood Chips

Chips of wood

Playground bark and wood chips are useful for cushioning your child's fall. Buying wood chips would not be difficult but finding free ones can take a bit of your patience. There are some states that are lucky enough to have an organization or a tree company willing to recycle and give away wood chips. Read on to find out if you live near one or simply find out where to get them.

GRU. Found in Gainesville Florida. This utility provider recycles wood chips. A recycling form is filled out advising you of the quality of the wood chips they can provide and your information. They even deliver the chips for free. They just have certain conditions like the quantity, the delivery location and set up. The only trouble is you could be put on the waiting list depending on the number of requests. But if you want it for free and you live in the area, this can be the answer to your wood chips need.

GR City.US  The Grand Rapids Michigan website gives you information on where and when to get free wood chips. Check out their site to check the pick up days and time available. Do not forget to bring a shovel and all the other necessary items for loading.

Rick's Expert Tree Service. In the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania is a tree company that was built in 2001. They can deliver free woodchips as long as they are going to be doing some work in your neighborhood. However, this company only brings a full dump truck of wood chips so it would mean probably more than what you need. So search your area, find out a clear space for them to unload and save yourself big bucks.

Arbor-nomics Tree Service. If you want free wood chips then a whole truckload can be delivered to you. As long as you fill out a form and send it to the company, delivery can be done if they would be working in your area. Be aware though that they would not be liable for any damage in your lot if they encounter problems in delivery.

Red Fern Tree Inc. This company provides you with an easy online form to fill out for your request. If you are in Atlanta Georgia, then you can be lucky enough to get their service.

Call a Tree Company. If you are not from any of the states mentioned above then I suggest you grab your phone and call up directory assistance to find the tree companies in your area. A bit of asking would not do you any harm. Be a good conversationalist and explain the need and benefits of recycling wood chips.

As long as you are patient and resourceful, you can find the playground bark or wood chips that you need. After all, the primary reason you have for doing this is providing a safe play area for your child and that is worth your time.


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