How To Find Front Door Designs

The front door is the first thing people see as they approach your house.  It makes a statement about your home and who you are.  Finding the perfect front door design takes time and involves answering a few questions.  What style of home do you have?  Is it Victorian, Colonial, Cape Cod, Ranch, or a Rustic style home?  Do you want a single entry door or a double entry door?  Do you want a solid door or a door with windows?  Is stained glass an option?

Types of Doors Available to Purchase
There are many types of front entry doors available on the market today.  Knowing and understanding what some of them are will help in the decision making process.  Steel doors, fiberglass doors, and wood doors are just a few.

  • Steel doors are very energy efficient because of foam core insulation and weather-stripping.  They are durable, will last a long time, and require little maintenance.  They are usually primed and ready to paint.
  • Fiberglass doors have the same energy efficient qualities as steel doors, yet they have a wood grain texture.  This can give them the appearance of a real wood door when painted or stained.
  • Wood doors are traditional doors that offer a natural look when painted or stained.  They can be hand-crafted and purchased at your local wood mill.  They are usually crafted of mahogany or cedar.

Finding the Perfect Front Door Design
Front door designs can be found online, at home improvement centers, or in catalogs and magazines.  If one wants to design his own front door, there are quite a few companies that specialize in custom-made doors.  Unique architectural designs offer styles and varieties based on different time eras such as the 20’s and 30’s or they can be created to mimic the old-world such as Europe and Asia.  It all depends on what one wants in a design.

Hardware and Door Accessories
The front door hardware is also an important consideration when choosing a design.  Whether one wants to go vintage or more modern, there is a wide variety of accessories available to enhance the style of your door.  Door knobs, door handles, and hinges are obviously essential items that one needs to purchase.  Additional considerations may include door bells, door knockers, and house numbers.  These items can be purchased in copper, brass, and iron. Whatever the design, with a little bit of forethought, a designer door can be created and look spectacular.


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