How To Find Gardening and Landscaping Backyard Designs

Aside from the living room, the garden is one of the parts of the house that can be a center of relaxation, recreation, entertainment and enjoyment. In the garden, you can host a party for family and friends while enjoying the smell of the juicy barbeque, or you can invite friends for a tea meeting while watching the koi pond.

No one wants a garden with sun burnt bushes, overgrown grass, and dead leaves all over. So, if you want to design or landscape your garden or backyard, here are a few steps that you should follow:

  1. On a piece of paper, draw your plans on where you want the activity areas, structures and utilities, to be placed. The activity areas are the play areas, cooking areas, sitting areas, pools, etc. The structures are the large units like the patio or the gazebo, as well as fences and fountains. The utilities are the garbage cans, compost pits, etc. You do not need to be a skilled architect to plan and draw these. Simple squares, circles and lines would be enough as long as each of the parts is labeled appropriately.
  2. Draw the additional landscapes or designs. Plan for a place where you could put the grass, plants, trees, pebbles, sand, rocks, pots, etc., and illustrate it in your paper. You should also decide on what kinds you would use. For example, if you think that grasses would look good on your garden, you should make sure that the kind that you will purchase has the right color, will grow to a suitable height, or is non-allergenic. Again, simple shapes would do in the planning. Just make sure that you do not place them in areas where there are lots of people, like the play area where decorative grass will get trampled on.
  3. Compute the costs of all the materials that you will use and the constructions that you would do. If you want to pay workers, you should consider how much you would pay them and the length of time that will be consumed during the construction. If the cost is much higher than your budget, then it is advisable to delete the designs or the areas that you can do without.
  4. Put your plan into action. Plan a date where you would want to start your landscaping. Purchase all the materials needed: paint, nails, seedlings, boards for the gazebo or patio, chairs and benches, etc. Contact stores and shops for the delivery of heavy equipment. Find construction workers to be paid or gather family or friends who are willing to help you do the job. More people to help with the construction means less time in making the garden.
  5. Professional quality landscaping requires professional help. You will need to hire a company that has the heavy machinery to move soil and create the landscapes that you want. If you have a large backyard that you want to put gentle slopes or a small pond into, it is best for you to hire a landscape firm – unless you can handle manually creating your slopes.

Landscaping your backyard or garden can be a hard task. Your effort, however, will pay off with a landscaped backyard that is conducive for recreational activities and simple relaxation.


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