How To Find Kitchen Counter Bar Stools and Chairs

Spacious kitchen

If you're selecting kitchen stools, bar stools and counter stools, it's a good idea to start out with a plan to help you narrow down your search. The most important thing to think about would be the measurement. Remember that how high the counter or table is would be the determining factor of how high your counter stools should be, so take extra care in the measurements. Here's a brief guide on how high the stool should be: for 35 to 37 inch high tables, choose a seat 24 to 28 inches high; for 41 to 43 inch high tables, choose a 29 to 32 inch high seat; while 44 to 47 inch high tables would require a bar stool around 33 to 36 inches high. 

Second, think about the over-all design of your kitchen. If your kitchen has a comfortable, domestic atmosphere, you could purchase wooden bar stools; if you're aiming for a rich, classic feel then maybe you could opt for deep mahogany swivel stools; if what you want is a more contemporary vibe, choose retro swivel bar stools with geometric shapes and slim, clean lines.

While thinking of the design, another aspect to consider would be the color. There are many ways to mix and match the color scheme of any room in your house, but one technique is to use your kitchen stools to pick up a downplayed color on your wall. For example, if the dominant wall color is cream with some yellow prints, you could buy yellow bar stools to play up the design. Also, consider the table make and material, as well as the other furniture bar items; make sure that it matches or complements the kitchen stools. You may want to buy a complete set just to be sure.

The good news is that there are so many available designs that you can choose from online. Here are some places to check out:

  1. - At this website, you would see different categories of bar stools and bar chairs, such as college bar stools, restaurant bar stools, kitchen bar stools and outdoor bar stools. You could also choose to look at options according to bar chairs height: Available heights are 18 inches, 24 to 28 inches, 29 to 34 inches and 34 to 36 inches. Apart from bar stools, you will also find other types of furniture including bar furniture and game room furniture. Take advantage of their free shipping and furniture sales.
  2. - This website offers unique bar stool categories such as backless bar stools with NFL, NBA and NCAA logos and designs on top - perfect for your sports-minded loved one. Other choices would include light and slim lounge bar stools, sturdy metal bar stools and conventional wooden stools.
  3. - Check out the wood, metal, and rattan/wicker bar stool items at this website; you could also be guided by the user reviews and ratings for many of the featured items. You could narrow down your search according to the following factors: with or without a back; with or without swivel; with or without arms; seat height; seat material; brand name and price.

There you have it! These are just three great websites that you could visit to for how to learn more about the different styles and designs available for you. Definitely, with the abundance of options out there, there is bound to be something that's just perfect for you. Good luck!


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