How To Find Mansion Floor Plans

Are you planning to build the mansion of your dreams? Or do you live in an existing one and would like to do some renovation? Before you even consult an architect, you may want to get ideas by looking at existing mansions. Of course you cannot just go to any mansion and barge in. To get some ideas for the mansion, you can look at architectural magazines and Web sites. You can even look at floor plans if you know where to find them.

A floor plan is simply a drawing or diagram of how the different living spaces, rooms and other areas relate to each other. It is a bird's eye view of how a house, an apartment, a condo, a hotel or a restaurant will look like. Floor plans specify the use of each space. For example, it will show where the master bedroom is, how many toilets and baths will there be, if there is a game room, a library and a host of other details. It is usually drawn to scale and may include notes on construction methods to be used as well as finishing, plumbing and electrical items.

Existing Mansions
If you find a mansion for sale and want to see the existing floor plan, or you want to renovate your own mansion, here is where you may be able to find the floor plans:

  1. The county or municipal archives where the mansion is located. In the archives you will find information regarding the mansion: owner, land title/deed, and the floor plans.
  2. Your local city or town hall may also have a copy of the existing floor plan.
  3. The local building inspector's office is another source. Builders submit their floor plans in order to secure the necessary permits prior to construction.
  4. For mansions built in the early 20th century, check out historical plan books.
  5. Check with the local preservation society. For example, if you live in Newport, Rhode Island, The Preservation Society of Newport County may be able to help you find floor plans of their beautifully preserved mansions.
  6. The library archive is also an option.
  7. For newer mansions, you can go online to check if plans for the mansion exist. In fact, if you are interested in a particular governor's mansion you may just find the basic floor plans online.

New Mansions
If you want to build a new mansion, you can either look for pre-designed plans or go for customized plans.

  1. You can find pre-designed plans on Web sites like:
  2. For customized mansion plans, try these Web sites:
  3. Architectural Digest can point you to other resources as well.

All buildings have a floor plan, from hotels and restaurants to schools and homes. It is used by architects to show how the structure will look like from above. Floor plans are the basis for construction plans used by the builders. Whether you are building a new mansion, updating an existing one or simply interested in architecture, you can find mansion floor plans easily. With a little leg work or some finger calisthenics, the floor plans you need are there for you to find.


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