How To Find Recycled Plastic Garden Furniture

If you are looking to spiff up your garden with some furniture and you care about the environment, then getting recycled plastic furniture might be right up your alley. There are many companies that recycle all kinds of plastic to form new and useful things like furniture, may it be for the garden or interior. Finding these products is relatively easy. Most cities and states will have companies distributing finely made recycled plastic furniture. There are various websites where you can order them and they will ship it directly to your doorstep. To help you in your search for these eco-friendly furniture sets, here are some tips to get you started.

Decide what you want. Look at your garden to determine the furniture it requires to look fabulous. Recycled plastic furniture usually comes as benches, tables, chairs, dining sets, and sofas. In fact, if you look around your local park, you may notice that some of their outdoor benches and table that seem to be made of wood is actually made from recycled plastic. Decide what type of furniture you want and make a mental note of it as you proceed with the search.

Search online. The best place to look for a wide and extensive collection is the Internet. Log on to and execute a search using the keywords "recycled plastic furniture". Google should be able to provide you with a few hundred companies selling recycled plastic furniture online. Here are some good websites to check out in the results.

  • This site features all types of recycled furniture from plastic to wood. The selection is quite extensive with many designs and colors.
  • This site is one of a few sites that constantly add new recycled plastic furniture designs to their huge collection of products.
  • Polywood Inc. is one of the premier manufacturers of Polywood, which is actually known as plastic lumber, their brand of recycled plastic outdoor furniture. If you are looking for awesome quality, then this site should be your primary resource.
  • If you are looking for deck, patio, lawn, garden, swimming, and other outdoor furniture made from plastic lumber, which comes from recycled plastic, then this site will knock your socks off.

Look for local eco-friendly specialty stores. More and more green stores are sprouting all over the country. Chances are that there is a store in your area. Check out the neighborhood and look for specialty stores dealing in eco-friendly products. These stores will definitely carry a number of recycled plastic furniture.

Visit a furniture shop. Some furniture shops have seen the increasing demand of eco-friendly products, which is why a number of them will start carrying recycled plastic pieces as part of their collection. Check your local furniture store and see if they have some of these pieces on sale.

Check home depots and centers. Large home depots and centers will definitely carry at least one line or brand of these eco-friendly furniture pieces. Visit these centers and take a peek.

Using recycled materials is really one way to help our seemingly hopeless environment. Supporting recycled plastic products is one effective way to reduce the pollution in our environment.


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