How To Find Replacement 4x4 Wall Tiles

As the years go by, your once beautiful bathroom wall tile will start to exhibit wear and tear leaving the room looking old and decrepit. When this time comes, the only thing to do is to replace the wall tiles. Now the whole process of removing the existing tiles and replacing it with new tiles can be a do-it-yourself home improvement project or you can let it go and have it done by someone more experienced like a contractor. Either way, before even tinkering with the idea, you will first need to find 4X4 tiles that will fit the design and measurements of the bathroom. Finding wall tiles is relatively easy and can be accomplished by following these simple suggestions.

Measure the wall. Before proceeding with the search, you will first need to measure the dimensions of the wall to find out how many wall tiles you will need to purchase. Whip your measuring tape out and measure the width and length of the wall in relation to the tile design. This means that some walls will only be filled with tiles ¾ high from the bottle. Make sure to list the exact measurements to allow you to calculate how many 4X4 tiles you will need.

Remove a piece of existing tile. If the wall of your bathroom is tiled with 4X4 tiles, then you will want to remove one of the tiles to serve as a sample if you are planning to replace the wall tiles with tiles of the same design. Clear out the grout around a particular tile with a grout scraper. Once the grout is out, get a wedge to dislodge the tile for the wall. Be careful not to crack the tile in the removal process.

Visit your local store. There are two local store types that you can visit to look for wall tiles. One is a home improvement supply store and the other one is a bathroom supply store. Either store will do. Anyway, visit the nearest store and bring the sample tile with you if you plan to purchase the same tiles. Look around or ask some of the staff around for the wall tiles section. Show them the sample tile to see if they still have the same tile in stock. If the tiles are old, then you may have some difficulty finding tiles of the same design. Nevertheless, continue with the search and visit other stores if nothing catches your fancy.

Order online. If the local stores can’t make the cut, then you can find many websites the sell tiles online. Normally, these sites will have an extensive collections of tiles displayed. All you need to is to browse through them and order. Once the transaction is completed, the website company will proceed to ship the tiles right to your doorstep. Depending on the company’s shipping policies, you should get the tiles in a day or two. To find these sites, all you have to do is log onto and search for bathroom wall tiles. The search should easily garner you hundreds of companies offering various styles and designs of wall tiles. Make sure you have a credit card to complete the online ordering process.

If you are looking for discounted tiles, the Internet can help you search for them as well. Some sites offering tiles will sell discontinued or discounted tiles. Some of the newer designs may be on sale as well. Look for these websites and order as you see fit.


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