How To Find Wire Cloth Manufacturers

Wire cloths are fine wires woven together produced on specially built modern machinery, having either square or rectangular spaces. These "spaces" are called working openings which can be made into different sizes. Wire cloths are used for various products like computers, flour mills, televisions and explosives. They can also be used for guards for animals, windows, rooms and fans, strainers (for tanks, pools and pumps), fuel cells and batteries. One may note that wire cloths are an essential commodity for most of American Industries.

The above products are usually sold at retail shops, but not the wire cloth itself. So, where can one find a Wire cloth manufacturer? Here are a few ideas on how you can go ahead and start your search for the right manufacturer.

Make use of the Internet. Companies that produce wire cloths may have their own websites, featuring their products and processes. You can find useful information such as the make or quality of the product, different types of wire cloth, material used, sizes, and other helpful information. These sites usually have contact information which can be either an email address or simply a phone or fax number. Some examples of wire cloth manufacturers found online include,, and

Some companies, such as TWP even let you order wire cloth directly from their websites. You can view their catalog and choose from different materials, sizes and specifications. This is particularly useful if you need wire cloth for home applications, such as décor, gardening, and the like. Wire cloth that comes in thin sheets can easily be cut and shaped to your specifications.

Yellow Pages Directory. Not all companies make use of the internet and prefer to do it the old way. It is a good idea to check your local Yellow Pages Directory and make a search under wire cloth manufacturers or similar manufacturing companies.

Trade Magazines and Newspapers. Apart from searching online, you can also find information on wire cloth manufacturers through publications run by trade shows or trade organizations. These organizations aim to bring businesses together, especially those that might need raw materials and other services from other companies. Trade magazines usually contain a business directory and even some classified ads, apart from their feature articles.

Referrals. Another way of finding wire cloth manufacturers is by asking manufacturers of products that use wire cloth. Business networking is one good way of getting better bargains and prices. You can approach a business or company that makes use of wire cloth in its products or business processes. For instance, you can ask a company that sells strainers for pools and pumps. These can refer you to their suppliers, and you can even get a discount for being referred by an existing customer. At the very least, they will have the contact information of their suppliers, whom you can easily get in touch with.

Dealing directly with the manufacturers will offer great advantages, such as cost savings, especially if you are buying in bulk.


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