How To Fit a Standard Bed Headboard

When purchasing a bed, you will find that a headboard usually comes with the whole set. However it also depends on your purchase package, and on your options. There are bed sets with optional headboards, hence it is up to you to decide if you will buy it along with the bed frame or not. If you like the design of the headboard and you think it can accentuate the bed and other fixtures in your room, then go for it.

Most bed sets have standard bed headboards, and they are usually delivered to your home in individual pieces – unassembled. If you want to learn how to fit a standard bed headboard, read these suggestions:

  • Have these tools handy: sharp pointed tool, flat head screw driver and star head screw driver. You will also need old carton or newspapers to protect the floor on which you will assemble the headboard.
  • Check the parts of the headboard if they are complete and no part is lacking. Normally, headboards have the main panel and two legs with provisions for two screws for each leg. The legs sometimes come in two parts, which are then provided with screw holes on which both parts are to be attached together.
  • Assemble the legs first. Screw the upper and lower parts of the headboard legs together by driving in the provided screws, using a flat head screw driver. Set them aside.
  • Set up the base of the headboard panel. Most headboard bases come in the form of a divan that later on can double as extra storage space. Let the divan stand on a flat surface and screw its parts together with the use of a star head screw driver or flat head screw driver, depending on the type of screws available.
  • Take note of the labels while assembling the whole headboard. Each part, each screw and screwhole is usually labeled by numbers so you will know which screws to use in putting the pieces together.
  • Know that the holes are normally covered by masking tape. Hence if you drill the screws in their places just bore them on the tape until the screws fit the holes. The tape on the hole is actually meant to protect the frame from scratches while you drive in the screws.
  • Be aware of double screws on the divan base. The cover of the divan will most likely have double or even triple screws. The purpose for such double screw set up is to ensure that the divan is strong enough to hold weight when you start storing items in it.
  • Attach the legs to the headboard panel. There should only be a couple or so screws for this set up.
  • Next, place the headboard panel (with the legs already attached) against the wall where the head part of your bed is to be located. Rest the headboard on the wall, taking care that the legs properly touch the floor.
  • Place the divan base in front of the headboard panel. Put back the bed to its proper position, with the headboard securely resting against the wall.

After setting up the bed and the headboard in their proper places, adjust the mattress to prevent it from getting dislodged from the bed frame. Now that you have your bed and headboard in place, have a good night sleep!


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