How To Fit a Tablecloth

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A tablecloth is any cloth that you use to cover your tables. Nowadays, having a stylish and fashionable tablecloth has become crucial, especially for individuals who have their home completely decorated. There are many kinds of tablecloth. This includes polyester, microfiber, cotton blend, laminated fabric and so on and on forth. Although blending it well with the overall theme of your dining room is important, making sure that it perfectly fits on your good old table is an integral part of interior house making. This is not only for decoration purposes but for safety reasons as well. A tablecloth that is too small can cause permanent stains while too large can create a chaotic missteps on the seams. That is why you need to know how to properly determine the size of your tablecloth for your table. Read on to learn more.

1.    The first, most important thing that you need to do is to accurately measure the table where you are going to put the tablecloth. Just use a tape measure and start sizing the whole thing up. If you have a rectangular or squared shaped table, measuring the sides would suffice. If it is oval (oblong shaped), make sure that you measure both the vertical (height) and horizontal (width) diameter of the table surface. As for the circle shaped ones, just put your tape measure across the table to get the diameter. Write the measurement down on a piece of paper.

2.    You have to be aware that there is four basic tablecloth shapes available in the market today. These are oblong, oval, round and square or rectangle. Each shape comes in standard different sizes. These are:

  • Square:    Tablecloth Size – 52 square inches (52” x 52”)
For Table Size – 25” x 28” to 40 square inches
Seating – 4

  • Oval:        Tablecloth Size – 60” x 102” || 60” x 120” || 60” x 144”
For Table Size – 36” x 74” to 48” x 90” || 36” x 94” to 48” x 104” || 36” x 118” to 48” x 130”
Seating – 8 – 10 || 10 – 12 || 12 - 14           

  • Oblong:    Tablecloth Size – 52” x 70” || 60” x 84”
For Table Size – 28” x 46” to 40” x 54” || 36” x 60” to 48” x 72”
Seating – 4 – 6 || 6 – 8

  • Round:    Tablecloth Size – 70” || 90”
For Table Size – 44” to 60” diameter || 60” to 78” diameter
Seating – 4 – 6 || 6 – 8

As soon as you have your table’s complete dimension (see step 1), you need to determine which size that you should get by referring to the given standard size and shape above.

3.    When selecting, the drop length really depends on your preference. But the standard drop for any table is at least 6 – 10 inches drop. If you are still unsure, it is always best to choose a larger tablecloth than the shorter sized ones. It is easier to adjust a longer cloth.

This process may look very easy to do. On the contrary, you need to be very careful because determining your tablecloth size can be quite tricky especially when you do not accurately know the size of your table. Never assume the measurements if you do not want to waste your time, money and effort. It is also important that you determine the texture of tablecloth that you are going to choose. It may be a perfect fit for your table but the outcome effect may vary depending on the type of tablecloth. Just follow these steps and you can never go wrong. Good luck!


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