How To Fit Your Canvas into a Picture Frame

Perhaps you have just finished your very own oil or pastel painting on a canvas material. Now it is time for you to frame the finished art work. Take note that canvas is a kind of thick, coarse cloth that is normally used by artists in portraying the images they want to paint. It is preferred over other kinds of cloth materials because of its ability to absorb color from any painting medium without leaving any blots or smudges.

To fit your canvas into a picture frame, consider these suggestions:

  • Prepare the materials you will need in the framing job: canvas painting, wooden frame, offset clips, drill, adhesive tape, and sheets of brown or black paper.
  • Note that glass is not needed when framing canvas material. Glass is commonly used only for photographs and other pictures that are printed on paper material.
  • Put the canvas inside the frame, with the painted surface facing the surface of the table.
  • Secure the canvas in place with the use of offset clips. Place one clip on each side of the frame and hook them up to prevent the canvas from falling off. Insert bumpers in between the offset clips if they are not tight enough to hold the back of the frame in place.
  • Be sure the spaces all around the canvas (unpainted portion) left blank by the artist is meant to be clipped at the back of the frame mainly to lock the canvas on the sides of the frame.
  • Drill small screws on the back sides of the frame to hold the canvas. Before doing this, see to it that the frame is mounted on a soft cloth so it will not get scratched as you press the drill on the back.
  • Place adhesive tapes all around the sides of the frame. Use a double stick that has a sticky part on both sides. After lining the sides with the tape, peel off the top portion to expose the adhesive part.
  • Cover the back of the frame with paper sheet. You may use brown or black color, depending on your preference. One purpose of the paper is to ward off tiny insects and dust from lodging on the back of the canvas.
  • Cut one whole sheet of brown or black paper. Make sure the paper is bigger than the actual size of the frame.
  • Cover the back of the frame and press the sides on the sticky part of the tape.
  • Get a razor blade or cutter to cut out the extra sides of the paper. Start from the top going to the right. Next, start from the left going to the bottom part of the frame. Discard the extra pieces of paper that were cut out from the whole sheet. Press your fingers on the portion where the tape holds the paper to make sure the paper really sticks to the frame.
  • Attach a wire or hook at the back of the frame then hang the frame on your wall.

Picture frames should be made of lightweight wood materials. You can actually buy ready to use picture frames in stores selling art supplies. When your painting is already hung on the wall, take time out now and then to check and dust it off to prevent damage on the canvas itself.


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