How To Fix a Container Garden Design

Every gardener, amateur, or otherwise, dreams of having a perfect garden. It does not matter what kind of garden they have—water garden, English garden, herb garden, vegetable garden, flower garden, container garden. Everyone wants a garden that others can greatly appreciate and wish for themselves.

Unfortunately, we can’t always have what we want. Even the most carefully planned and designed garden can turn out to be boring at best, and downright horrible at worst. If this has happened to you, then you know how disheartening it can be.  Fortunately, those who have container gardens can do something to fix their garden design.

One of the advantages of container gardening is that it is easy to change compared to traditional gardens. Whereas badly designed traditional gardens need a complete overhaul to be redeemed, container gardens essentially need simple rearrangement of container plants and garden ornaments. So if you are stuck with a badly designed container garden, here are some tips to help you fix the garden design.

Rearrange your plants. This should be done before anything else. If you have grouped your plants according to color or size, it’s high time to mix them up. Move that flower over here, that foliage over there and your garden might look way better than it did before. 

Less is better. Are you trying to do too much with so little space? Then consider taking some plants out of the picture. Maybe that English rose you got there on the corner does not really suit the wild look you created with angel’s breath, sunflowers, and mums. If that is the case, then you got to take it out. You can either give it away or place it on another part of your home. Just take it out.

More is better. Does your garden look thin or sparse? Perhaps you can add a few containers of small flowers to emphasize the large ones you already have. You can also try adding more foliage. Adding plants might be the key to unifying your garden design.

Think outside the pot. Are your plants well-pruned? If they are, then maybe it’s time to consider letting some of that small, crawling flowers just run wild for a few inches. Pots overflowing with colorful flowers can serve as focal points for an otherwise boring garden. 

Decorate. A few garden ornament s can make a difference between a garden and a great garden. You can rearrange all your plants around that new water fountain or water wheel that you just bought. Garden gnomes among the flowers can make your garden look like an enchanted place. Little outdoor lights can emphasize areas or plants that you think needs to be showcased. The bottom line is you need to create more drama in your garden. Be dramatic about it.

I hope that these tips helped you formulate new ideas for the design of your container garden.  If you haven’t had any, then I suggest you stop thinking for a while and just enjoy looking at your garden. Perhaps the idea will come to you at a later point.


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