How To Fix a Failed Window Seal

Window fix

Have you ever noticed that in the warmer months your air conditioning is not keeping your house as cool as it should? And in the winter months you may have noticed a little bit of frost on the inside of your window, or felt a slight breeze when you walked past your window. In both cases it is probable that your window seal has failed.

If you live in an older home with windows that have glass sealed with glazing, you will want to check the glazing for cracks any missing pieces. If you notice missing pieces of glazing or if you see it cracking, you will need to reglaze the window. The tools you will need to repair your window seal are a putty knife, cloth, brush, and glazing compound.

The first step is to take your putty knife and carefully remove the glazing around the side of the window pane you need to repair. Using the brush, clean the gap between the glass and the wood to remove any residue. The next step is to thoroughly clean the window with window cleaner.

To replace the glazing, scoop up some glazing compound from the container, roll it between your hands to form a thick rope. Set the thick rope of glazing into the gap between the glass and wood. Take your putty knife; starting near the window glass, push against the putty, angle the putty knife at 45 degrees, and then pull the putty knife toward the end of the wood. Repeat across the entire window until the glazing is all beveled and smooth.

For newer windows, the first thing you want to check is your weather stripping. Weather stripping is available in the following types: grey high density weather stripping foam, rubber cellular all-climate weather stripping, silicone blend all-weather stripping, and felt weather stripping. The most common weather stripping used in homes is the felt weather stripping. Over time any weather stripping will fail, as it is exposed to the elements and seasonal changes in temperature.

Weather stripping is adhered to your window frame by simply peeling off the clear backing to expose the glue and pushing it firmly into place. If your home's windows have grooved weather stripping, simply lift out the old weather stripping and set the new weather stripping into the track. Once you have replaced the weather stripping, follow up with window caulking to seal up any gaps around your window.


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