How To Fix a Hole in a Sock

Your feet need special care as they bear the weight of the rest of the body. A pair of socks is considered an important piece of clothing as it protects the feet from dust and any other harmful objects while wearing shoes. You must always ensure you wear a pair of socks to cover your feet, be it the winter season or just as daily wear, that is, when you wear sneakers or sport shoes!

There are times when you have pets running around your home and you find such items missing or worse, damaged! Ever been in a situation where you had this important meeting to rush to and you couldn't find your socks, and later on, when you finally do find them, they have a hole? In such a situation, all you can think of is buying a new pair on your way to work or wearing the existing ones with a hole in it! Here is how simple it is to fix a hole in a sock.

Insert a smooth rounded object (such as a light bulb, a ball, etc.) into the damaged sock. The smooth rounded object makes it easier to work on the sock. With the closest matching thread to the sock color, thread the darning needle and don't knot the ends. Cut the excess ragged corners of the sock ensuring you do not widen the hole anymore than it already is! Stitch around the corners ensuring the stitches are a quarter inch away from the end. Use simple running stitches ensuring the needle pierces the fabric below. Complete the circle and add 5-6 more stitches, clipping off the remaining thread. Once you have completed this, re-thread the darning needle with some more thread (ensuring you keep the ends lose just as earlier, don't knot). Now starting from the top of the hole make a series of vertical stitches across the hole in the sock. Use running stitches again to lock these vertical stitches. Then start with horizontal stitches and follow the same process of locking them with running stitches around in a circle. Once you are done with this, complete the stitching process by making 6-7 more simple up and down running stitches across the circle. This helps hold the stitches in place. Clip the extra thread off.

Use embroidery cotton or wool-nylon thread to fix the hole in your sock, as regular thread may be too thin for such a task. Ensure you do not pull the stitches too tight as this may cause the fabric to crumple up. Fixing a hole in a sock is a "weaving-a-basket technique," finding the right needle is a necessary task. This also depends on the type of sock; a sock made of nylon needs a thin and small round eyed needle. For socks made from thicker fabrics, use a larger needle with an elongated eye. In such a sock type, you must ensure you knot the thread at the ends. The smooth rounded objects are used to help you thread the sock easily and not use your hand to hold the sock inside. Ensure you do not make the long stitches too loose.

Once you have this process in place, your sock is as good as new!


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