How To Fix a Leak At Home Yourself

toilet bowl leaking with gray floor and wall tiles

Water leaks are very common at home and can cause severe damages if not detected and fixed on time. As a homeowner, you must identify all the leaks and fix them before they wreak havoc.

Fortunately, many methods of fixing leakage at home require a DIY project. 

You need to be aware of the common water leaks and know how to fix a leak so that you can protect your property. Here are some of the ways to fix common water leaks at home by yourself.

Fix a Dripping Tap

Dripping water from taps is something every home has experienced at some point. Some of the reasons that may lead to dripping include a build-up of debris, wear and tear, and not turning the tap tight enough. Over-tightening the valve can also cause drip. 

If you notice that your tap is dripping, make sure you inspect the cause because this small problem can cause a huge increase in your water bills if not fixed. Use an isolator valve to switch off the water supply and then open the tap. 

You'll notice a build-up of debris that you can easily clean up. In case your washer is damaged, you can replace it.

How to Fix an Underground Leaking Water Pipe

Water burst in the garden is a common cause of leaks. However, it's very difficult to access leaking pipes underground. But many things can indicate a leak underground, including wet ground.

You can use a smart leak detector to detect and warn you of the leaks underground. With the detector, you won't have to dig the ground to find the leaking area. Once you notice a leaky pipe, determine whether it's a small problem that you can fix, like tightening the valve, or something that requires a plumber.

How to Fix a Leak from the Bottom of Your Toilet

A leaking toilet is one of the worst sanitation issues. Fortunately, fixing toilet leaks is very simple, especially if it's at the base of your toilet. The leak can be due to a rubber seal or the tee bolts that keep your toilet in place.

Ensure your toilet is positioned correctly when fixing the leak. Get a replacement wax ring and an adjustable wrench to unscrew and tighten the bolts. If you feel uncomfortable fixing a leaking toilet, reach out to a leak detection near me service to help you find the cause of the problem and carry out the repairs. 

How to Fix Your Leaking Shower

Several things can make your shower leak. The first thing you need to check is the seal around the plughole and the overflow waste. Sometimes leaking may be as a result of a broken seal.

You also need to check the pipes connecting the water supply to the bath taps by removing the bath's side panel. As in the case with the showers, leaking pipes may be hiding behind a wall. You can easily spot the damage through tile lifting. 

Fix Water Leaks Immediately

Every home has had to deal with a water leak at one point. Whether the leak at home posed a huge danger or not depends on how fast you identified and fixed the problem. You need to fix a leak before it causes huge water damage in your home.

If you need more help repairing your home appliances or dealing with disasters such as water damage, we're here to help. Browse our site to find all the help you need in our blogs.


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