How To Fix a Sloppy Paint Job

Most people paint their homes or establishments themselves to save money but some experience a messy paint job because of inexperience or lack of skills which result to more expenses. It’s easy to fix a painting mess. Below are steps and guides to help you fix a sloppy paint job. 

  • Gather your supplies. The things that you need are stain remover, steel wool, paint scraper, liquid glaze, sea sponge and paint. Before buying these materials, check if you have these items hanging around your home or establishment.
  • Scrape the paint drips. Use a steel wool pad to scrape the paint drips in the window sills, light socket, covers, baseboards and other areas.
  • Clean the spots in the fabrics, furniture and carpet. Use a topnotch spot stain remover to ensure that all paint drips and paint spots on your furniture and furnishings will be removed.
  • Scrape the paint drips off your bathroom fixtures and tile floors. Before scraping, ensure that the paint is thoroughly dry so you can easily remove it. Consider repainting if the paint drips in your ceiling and baseboards are awful. Paint in a similar color to make your painting job easier.
  • Create textures for your walls and ceiling. Make textures if the paint in your walls and ceiling is splotchy and uneven. Mix a complimentary color in four parts liquid glaze. Use a sea sponge. Creating textures is a last resort action that will make the splotchy and uneven paint areas in your house look intentional. It can look like a piece of art if you’ll apply the textures properly.
  • Easy ornamental remedy. Hang drapery, huge pictures in frames, and other ornamental decorations to hide the sloppy painted areas. Rearranging furniture and furnishings will also hide the messy areas; it is also a chance for you to organize your house. Put a tall furniture or display in front of the sloppy painted areas.
  • Hire a professional home repair person. If you don’t have enough time to paint or repaint your house, then hire a professional. Check the credentials of the person who will paint your house so you’ll be certain that you will get your desired results.
  • Ensure more preparation the next time you paint. The great thing about mistakes is you’re learning.

Next time, buy high quality paint products to ensure that the paint won’t fade easily. Ensure that you’ll apply paint on a clean surface especially in a kitchen where the walls and ceilings have oil residue. Utilize sugar soap in cleaning a kitchen, and ensure that the surface is thoroughly dry before painting. Also, eliminate molds before painting; dilute a household bleach with water (1 to 5 ratio) so you can remove the thick molds easily. Nicotine stains are nasty because they will bleed into your paint so seal the spot with an appropriate stain block or you can use a solvent based paint as coat.

You’ll improve the next time you paint. Learning how to paint is essential because it will save you money from hiring a home repair person. Painting the house is a wonderful hobby also.


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