How To Fix a Sweater that has Shrunk

Some of the most common laundry disasters include a sweater that has shrunk! Isn't it annoying when your favorite sweater was put in the wash and to your surprise, the next time you want to wear it, it is 5 times smaller? Come winter and you will find everyone pulling out their woolens from their closet. It is important to maintain your woolens because you tend to put these away every year and never look at them, unless winter approaches again! Your woolens require special care in comparison to your regular cottons and silks. By following a few simple steps, you can fix a sweater that has shrunk. Here is how.

  • Pour 2 tablespoons of baby shampoo into a half a bucket of water. This helps the woolen fibers relax. Soak the shrunken sweater in this mixture for 15 minutes. Use a towel to soak away excess water by rolling the shrunken sweater into it, once you have it taken out of the soapy water without rinsing it. Use the large corkboard to spread the shrunken sweater and spread the sweater to the desired size and shape. Pin the shrunken sweater onto the corkboard, once you have it stretched to the correct size and shape ensuring the shrunken sweater is not ripped. Ensure you repeat the process of stretching the shrunken sweater as many times as needed, until it is dry!
  • Fixing a shrunken sweater can be avoided by not washing it in the washing machines unless the sweater's label says you can! Use of cold water may also cause the sweater to shrink. Watch out for the symbol that reads "superwash" that indicates the sweater can be washed and dried in a washing machine using mild detergent. The market today has developed new techniques to improve such hazards that the consumer faces. Ensure you do not dry the sweater using a dryer, radiator, etc. when you are trying to unshrink the sweater, this will only end up shrinking the sweater again.
  • Care for your woolens: Various products are available to care for your woolens. You could use a cap full of hair conditioning cream to keep your woolens soft and smelling fresh. Chemicals, alcohol, harsh alkaline cleaners can cause damage to your woolens.  

Now that you have read this article, you are ready to fix that shrunken sweater! And the next time you have washed your favorite sweater and are shocked at the change in size and shape, you know just what you need to do!


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