How To Fix a Wobbly Table

Having a wobbly table can be downright annoying. After all, who wants to sit down at a table that keeps moving? You simply can’t use a table that keeps wobbling because it is too distracting, and can even cause some mishaps. If you notice that a table wobbles because it is uneven, address the problem right away. Here’s what you can do.

  • Don’t ignore it but do fix it right away. Ignoring and pretending there’s no problem won’t make the situation go away. As soon as you notice a slight wobble, stop what you’re doing and investigate. A wobbly table can be quickly remedied but you may have to get down on your hands and knees to find the cause of the problem.
  • Do assess what’s causing the wobbling. Check to make sure that the table is placed on a flat level surface. If it isn’t, such as a table that’s been placed outdoors or on a rough floor surface, then perhaps by pushing the table to a more even surface may help. If the table is on an even surface but continues to wobble, it may be the construction of the table.
  • Do find out if there are missing casters. Find out if the casters or the protective glide at the base of the legs of the table are complete. In some cases, perhaps one has been broken or left behind when the table was transferred. If this is the case, simply replace the missing caster to make the table level again. You may need to replace all four since the other three may have been worn down already. By only replacing one, you may still not get the evenness and balance that you desire.
  • Do use a quick and simple solution. The easiest and quickest way to fix a wobbly table is to get a folded piece of paper that you can wedge under the leg of the table. This is also the cheapest solution. If you don’t mind having a folded piece of paper sticking out from under one of your table legs, this solution should tide you over up until the paper becomes loose again and you need to replace it. You may also use a folded piece of cardboard or a piece of cork. You may also glue the cork at the base of the leg so it won’t come off every time you move the table around. However, you need to make sure you cut the cork exactly so all four legs will be the same height.
  • Do tighten any loose screws or joints. Some low quality tables, such as those made from compressed pieces of wood rather than those cut from a single piece of lumber may be constructed poorly. If the joints seem to be coming undone or loose, get some wood glue and reinforce the joints. Clamp it down or apply pressure to the table so the adhesive will work properly.

Wasn’t that simple? These easy solutions take only a few minutes to do but will certainly fix the problem. If you only take a moment, you can fix that table in no time. No more irritating and annoying wobbly table!


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