How To Fix Window Drafts

Repairing windows

Drafts are normally experienced during cold and hot seasons. Drafts usually appear around the door and window areas of the house. There are two types of drafts around windows. The first one is caused by convection currents where moist and cold air find their way through surfaces, whether it is made of window, metal or plastic. A drafty window would let the cold seep into your home, thereby minimizing insulation and warmth. The other type of window draft is caused by a leaky seal or failed exterior caulking. There are many ways to prevent window drafts. You have the option to purchase additional materials or simply improve what you own right now.

Either way, here are some tips that you can use to fix window drafts:

  • Use indoor insulator kits. These kits usually contain an effective heat-sensitive transparent film that you can place over cold windows. This method develops dead air in the space between the thin layer of transparent film and the window glass. Once summer comes in, you can remove the film. Insulator kits are usually available at your local hardware stores.
  • Use high quality caulk. One of the major causes of window drafts is faulty caulking. That is why you need to search for an effective and credible caulk in order to save your money from heating and air conditioning bills. Canvass brands before buying a caulking gun and caulk. Get feedback from previous customers and compare products. Make sure to look for a product with high quality. Good window caulking can make your home cooler during summer and warmer during winter.
  • Use high quality seal. Like good caulk, high quality seal can prevent cold and humidity from seeping in your windows. Moist and water can seep even inside the smallest cracks. A good high quality seal can cover any crack or break along the window frame. Be sure that your windows are in good condition.
  • Use spring metal or V-shaped vinyl weather stripping. To insulate windows, some people have long been using spring metal or V-shaped weather-strips. This is because spring metal and V-shaped weather strips work quite well and are not as visibly obvious. These kinds of weather stripping usually have installation diagrams and guidelines. Just don't forget to measure the spring metal and V-shaped vinyl according to the size of the window.
  • Be careful when using foam. Some people use foam to fill the gaps between the window frames and the stud wall framing. This is actually a good idea, but you should be wary with the kind of foam you use. Some types of foam expand easily. As the foam expands, it can get stuck in the window's inner spaces, which in turn, obstructs its movable portions. You will have a harder time insulating an immovable window. Keep in mind to compare products first.

These are some of the tips to fix window drafts. When purchasing kits that will help you contain window drafts, keep in mind to read the instructions carefully. Compare products first before you make your purchase. This way, you can fix your window drafts. You can be assured that it won't bother you again for a long time.


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