How To Fix Window Shade Problems

Homeowners and apartment-dwellers who use window shades know that window shade problems are common. Yet, these problems are also easy to mend. In fact, you usually don't even have to spend a single cent. You just have to know a few details.

Here are some suggestions on how you can fix your window shade problems:

  • Do the roll or unroll technique. If your window shade does not roll up completely, rolls up to quickly or rolls up too slowly, then you have to take off the shade's brackets. When the brackets are off, simply roll or unroll your window shade halfway and pop it in place. If one try does not work, just continue doing it. This is most likely a spring adjustment problem, which is normally fixed by resetting spring tension through doing a manual roll.
  • Remove a wobbly shade. This technique is quite simple. Take off the window shade if it wobbles. Find the stationary pin, pull it out and straighten it using a pair of pliers. The wobble usually means that one of the shade's stationary pins is twisted, when it should be straight.
  • Use thin wood. When a shade keeps on falling off a bracket, this means that the gap between them is too wide. Place a thin wood shim under one or both of the brackets. When you don't have any wood shim, you can even use cardboard as a substitute.
  • Replace shade fabric. If the tension roller still works but the shade is still cracked or brittle, then you have to replace the shade fabric. Take off the window shade from the brackets. Unroll the shade until you reach the top of the fabric. If the fabric is stapled or pasted on top, simply yank it off and discard it. Replace the old fabric with a new shade that is equal in width and length. You can use upholster glue, strong tape or a stapler to secure the fabric on the window brackets.
  • Clean the tension roller. In some cases, the shade may not stay down. Take the shade off and remove the tension roller's cap. This is located at the flat-pin end of the roller. Clean out all the dust and wipe the pawl-and-ratchet mechanism using a soft cloth. Don't forget to spray silicone lubricant inside the mechanism.
  • Adjust the shade in the window brackets. If your window shade keeps on falling off the brackets or doesn't lock in its position, remove the brackets first. Using pliers, you can either bend the brackets inwardly (when it is an outside mount) or slip a cardboard shim behind one or both of the brackets (when it is an inside mount). Use a screwdriver for the inside mount. Then, tap the bracket nails back in its original position.
  • Replace roller spring. If you have followed the previous solutions and you still cannot mend the tension in your shade, then you have to replace your roller spring.

These are the tips on how to fix your window shade problems. Identify what the problem of your window shade is and simply apply the easy, quick fix solutions.


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