How To Floor an Attic

Painted attic

If you are looking for additional space and all the rooms in your house are maxed out, there is no way to build but up.  That is one of the reasons why you see giant skyscrapers popping up like mushrooms. Although we cannot build our own World Trade Center, we can at least apply the same principles in our home.

One way you can build is by making an attic for your storage needs. In most cases you have a floorless attic. It serves its purpose and it is cheap. The problem with this is that it can be difficult to move around in a floorless attic. You are in danger of falling through the ceiling with every step you take.

Follow these simple steps and easily build a floor for your attic. You don’t have to precariously move from joist to joist while carrying a large load. Build the attic you want safely and easily.

Measure and buy the materials you will need. Get a tape measure and get the area of your attic space. To get this figure, use your tape to measure across the room. Then, you measure the length of the room. Multiply the length of the room with the figure you had for the width. The result is your area. Now that you know how much floor you need to cover, proceed to the next step.

Buy the things you will need. Go to the nearest hardware store and talk to a salesperson. He or she will know how much material you will need to cover the space. Buy 4 x 8 sheets of plywood that will cover the whole attic. You would also need to buy fasteners to affix the plywood into place.

Keep the wires safe. To avoid hitting wires while nailing down the floor, cut a few notches into the joists. Make the notches an inch deep. Screw metal strips over the wires and the wires should be safe.

Install the attic floor. The plywood sheet may be a little too big to bring upstairs. Make a mark at the center of the room. Draw a line across the attic. This line will help keep the floorboard straight. Lay a plywood sheet where the long side lies along the center line. Make sure one end of the board lies in the middle of a joist. Fasten the board on top of the joist. Set another board right next to it.

Do it over and over again. Set it in place over and over again until you cover the whole attic. For the corners and ends of the attic, cut the wood into size and install it the same way.

There you have it, your very own floored attic. You should be happy to know that you can move around in your attic. Your attic can now be used for storage. You can put in as much stuff you can cram in it and you can walk around on top of it.


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