How To Force the Trap of a Toilet

The skill in terms of forcing the trap out of your toilet is a very helpful one. It comes out handy every time there is a need to remove the fixture in cases of repair or replacements. Plus, it can also be used whenever you need to unclog the drain of your toilet in instances of some obstructions such as toilet paper and the like.

Though this process can always be trusted to professionals, it is better if you know how to do this yourself. You will not only save from expenses for professional fees but you will also be given convenience any time there is a need to do so. To help you with this, here are the easy steps on how you can perform such task:

  1. Switch off the toilet's water supply. This step is only true if you will be removing the fixture for replacement or repair purposes. This is needed because your purpose of forcing the trap when removing a fixture is to free it from water. However, you do not need to do this if you will only be unclogging the drain of your toilet.
  2. Remove the water from the toilet. To do this, simply flush the toilet so that all the water in the bowl as well as the tank will be drained. You need not do this step as well if you have not switched off the toilet's water supply. This is not only because it will be impossible to drain the toilet with the water supply running but it is also not a need.
  3. Dump a gallon or two of water right into the toilet bowl. Get two gallons of water in a bucket and immediately dump it into the bowl. This will successfully force the water to go through the trap. This will result to a nearly dry toilet. Or, this step will force flush the toilet in cases when you have not emptied the tank earlier.
  4. Use a plunger. This will only apply if your attempt in forcing the toilet's trap with buckets of water does not work. Push the plunger hardly several times. The plunging also forces the trap and results in pushing the blockage to go through the drain. However, be careful when doing this as it is possible that you can be splashed with water from the toilet.
  5. Remove the fixture. Once the process is done, you can do whatever you wish to do with your toilet. You can continue using it as usual if your only purpose of doing so is to unclog the drain. On the other hand, you can already remove the toilet and proceed with any of your repair and replacement procedures.

These steps will do the trick in helping you succeed in your task of unclogging the drain or removing the toilet. In the end, you will find that learning how to force the trap pays you great convenience and savings from time to time. However, if these steps do not do the job for you or you are just uncomfortable doing this by yourself, it is time to consult a plumber.


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