How To Frame a Mirror with Tile

If you are looking for a project that will make your home look great while giving you a crafting activity to focus on, then you can tinker with the idea of framing a mirror with tile.  The project is actually quite flexible since you can put a lot of drama in the design, you can design a mosaic mirror frame by crushing the ceramic tile or you can opt for a cleaner look by lining it with clean ceramic and glass tiles.  Regardless of your design and creativity, here are some steps to help you get started with this project.

Prepare the mirror.  This crafting project starts by preparing the mirror and taping its edges.  Get a clean rag and some glass cleaner and wipe all of the smudges and dust on the mirror off.  Apply some painter’s tape on the edges of the mirror.  To protect the mirror, cover it with a newspaper or a piece of cardboard.

Crush the tiles.  If you are planning on a mosaic frame, then you will need to prepare the crushed ceramic tile to line the frame.  Use a hammer to break the tiles to the desired sizes.  Before hammering away, insert the tiles inside a plastic bag and seal it.  This will protect you from potentially harmful ricochets.

Line up the frame along the mirror.  Select a work area with a large flat area or table.  Line the table with newspaper and place the mirror on top of it.  At the sides of the mirror, line up the tiles the way you would like them to appear for the frame.

Create the frame.  Use strong craft glue and apply it on the sections of your mirror or its existing frame.  A good brand to use is E 6000.  The glue you apply on the various areas of the mirror or the frame is where you will attach the tiles to design the frame.  In any case, continue applying the glue all around the mirror or mirror frame and place the tile on the adhesive.  Make sure to attach each tile firmly.  Keep on until the whole mirror frame is full of tile.  Be as creative as you can and alternate colors and shapes.  Make sure to leave space between each tile for the application of grout later on.  Once the tile positioning and gluing is complete leaving your mirror totally framed with ceramic tile, let the glue adhere to the tiles by letting it dry.  Typically, you will want to wait a couple of hours for full adherence.  

Apply the grout.  To apply the finish for you ceramic tile mirror frame, mix the commercial grout that you purchase based on the directions on it.  Use a knife and apply the grout to fill the areas between each tile.  Remove any excess grout with a scraper knife.  Let the grout dry overnight before removing the painter’s tape and the newspaper or plastic covering the mirror.  Make sure to clean the mirror again just in case grout was able to seep in.  Use a sponge soaked with warm water to remove excess grout.

Do not be afraid to add in various things to your frame to improve its design and look.  Glass and crystal can be meshed into the frame for a fancier and more elegant look.


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