How To Get a Variety of Carpet Samples

Carpet samples make it possible to select what carpet you would like to buy for your home. They may even be put together to make an inexpensive carpet, which you designed yourself. Here is some general information about carpeting and how to get a variety of carpet samples for any purpose you desire:

  1. A carpet sample is a piece of carpet, which gives people an idea of what the entire carpet looks like. Samples are usually made in small sizes to make them easier for handling as well as make it possible for several samples to be put together in a bundle.
  2. Carpets come in a lot of varieties and these have different textures, colors, designs and materials. By getting a carpet sample, you will know how a carpet will look and feel when inside your home.
  3. Go to carpet stores. You can find a variety of carpet samples there. If carpet samples are not given for free, you can buy them for around 50 cents so you could get as many varieties of carpet samples as you want.
  4. Go to department stores in malls. Department stores sell a variety of products including carpets. Places which sell carpets most likely, have carpet samples too. Ask the carpet salespeople if they offer samples of the carpets they are selling.
  5. Check out wholesale carpet warehouses. Since they will have several different kinds of carpets stored within them, personnel may have carpet samples with them in order for people to know what kinds of carpets are there in the warehouse.
  6. Look in carpet manufacturing factories. In places where carpets are manufactured, there will be samples of carpets available so that people may know the designs of the carpets made.   
  7. Visit furniture shops, especially those that sell different types of flooring such as hardwoods, vinyl flooring, ceramic flooring, laminates and area rugs. These shops will also have carpeting and carpet samples.
  8. Browse online stores that sell carpeting. As any kind of store, you will find samples of the products which are sold in online stores, and you can ask for carpet samples to be delivered to you,
  9. You could also get carpet samples by cutting from old pieces of carpets, which you could buy from garage sales or consignment shops. You may use these for art projects or for other purposes as well.
  10. If your idea of a carpet sample is a picture of the carpets, you could find plenty of these in magazines and advertisements that sell carpets. You could cut a variety of these and paste them in a folder in order for you to look at your preferred carpet designs.
  11. You could also post an advertisement in classified ads to get a variety of carpet samples. There are sites where you could post ads for free; you could find these using your search engine.

Carpet samples are available in many places. To get a variety of carpet samples, visit as many carpet stores, department stores, and other places where they sell carpets as you can. Don’t forget to look in the Internet as well.


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