How To Get and Plant Exotic Vegetable Seeds

Spring is fast approaching. This is the best season for many avid gardeners to redecorate their gardens and grow exotic vegetable seeds. Common crops, like last year’s fashions, are out of style; now is the time to plant exotic vegetables and turn your yard into an extraordinary garden.

Cylindrical beets and litchi tomatoes, that are often used as garnishes for sweet-flavored meats, can grow in your garden. These plants grow into large bushes which will beautify your greenhouse or organic garden. Currant tomatoes are also good candidates, because they grow easily without too much effort. A lot of exotic vegetables and bulbs can be planted in your garden, but most gardeners don't know offhand which vegetable to plant or where to buy seeds for exotic vegetables.

You can buy exotic seeds and plants from the local gardening store. If you haven’t decided yet which seeds or starter plants to purchase, you’d better ask your friends or an experienced gardener. Also, if you have a nice neighbor who has a great-looking garden, you can ask him or her to trade off or buy some seeds.

You can buy exotic vegetables with just a few clicks of the mouse: a number of companies are now using the internet to sell their seed products. Online companies give a wide selection of exotic vegetable seeds that you often can't find in your local garden shop. So if you’re aching to purchase a rare vegetable seed, you’ll surely be able to find it online. 

What’s notable about online seed companies is the fact that many of them offer warranties. Several companies you can find online offer refunds or replacement of the product if the seed does not yield fruits or crops within an agreed-upon duration (usually one standard growing season). With regard to the pricing, exotic vegetables are sold at reasonable costs. However, it is important for you to address your concerns and check everything before adding items to your online cart. There are some few companies which offer comparatively low-priced exotic seeds, yet the quality is questionable. So be careful to deal first with retailers you know, or who have established reputations within the gardening community.

Here are some online companies you can check out:

  1. Kitazawa. This company offers a vast array of seeds. Customers can now choose from more than 250 varieties of organic and exotic seeds. The company offers exotic finds such as Kamo eggplant and Hinona Kabu turnip. They also offer shishigatani or winter squash, and many others. Visit their website for a detailed seed catalogue.
  2. Native Seeds. This Tucson-based seed store offers wide selection of exotic plants and seeds. More than 20 tribal groups of crops and exotic types of seeds that can only be found in remote Latin areas are available in this store. Members are also allowed to store their own seeds in the seed bank.
  3. Franchi Sementi Seeds. This company is one of the famous family-owned seed businesses in Italy. They offer exotic variations plants and seeds; some of these are: Violetta, Cardona, Romano beans, Borlotti, artichoke, and more.

There are hundreds of local and online shops available to purchase your favorite exotic vegetable seeds. In planting and growing exotic vegetable seeds, it is important to research the needs of the specific seeds you're purchasing - the best season to plant, your plants' water and nutrient requirements, and so on. It is advisable to plant seeds in a compost pit or mulch to give your seeds enough nutrients. Also, keep the grass and weeds away from your garden. Use cardboard or newspaper to block the weeds from your garden areas.  It's also helpful to weed your garden at least once a week.


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