How To Get Great Water Heating Bang for Your Buck

Electric water heaters are one of the most energy consuming appliances found in most households. The process of heating water in the average household normally accounts for about 15 to 20 percent of the electric bill. In these tough times, every single cent you save is a big deal. One household cost that you can significantly reduce is in water heating. Here are some tips on how to save more money and still have heated water available when you need it.

Consider taking showers more. Taking hot baths are fantastic ways to relax and forget all the stress and anxiety you experienced during the day while still managing to cleanse your body. The only problem is that taking hot baths can significantly increase your electric bill since to fill the tub with hot water; you will need a large amount of water which means that your heater will have to continue heating the water as you fill the tub up with it. To save energy and the much needed cash, consider taking hot showers instead of baths.

Consider low flow shower heads. Installing low-flow showerheads can greatly reduce the energy consumption of your water heating since low-flow will reduce total water consumption and waste.

Consider lowering the temperature. Another way to save some money while still have heated water anytime you need it is to set the temperature at a lower setting that will still produce acceptably hot water when you need it. Most water heaters nowadays come with a temperature switch or knob where you can set the temperature. Even at the lowest temperature setting, you will surely get your fill of hot water.

Consider using solar powered heaters. Another option that you can consider to save money on electricity while still having hot water available all the time is by purchasing and installer solar powered water heaters. These new models that make use of renewable energy will significantly cut your electricity consumption by at least 15 percent. The only drawback is that these models are pretty expensive to purchase since it will require solar panels to be installed. However, in the long run, you will see more savings plus you will be contributing to a greener environment.

Consider replacing your old heaters. Just like most electric appliances, water heaters lose the ability to heat water efficiently as it racks up years of wear and tear. Let’s face it, all appliances should be replaced after 7 or more years since its energy consumption and efficiency is not optimized anymore. On this note, it would be wise to purchase newer water heater models once your trusty old friend reaches its unfortunate maturity.

Consider insulating your heater and pipes. Maximize the heat generated by your heater and the heat traveling along your pipes by insulating it. This will help avoid heat loss as the heat is generated and hot water travels until it reaches the faucet or showerhead. Have a contractor or plumber take on the job for you.

Aside from these very useful tips, it would be smart to choose to purchase water heaters that have the “Energy Star” logo on it. These models are usually fantastic energy saving appliances.


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