How To Get Linoleum Glue Off

Linoleum floors usually have glue on them to make it stick on its spot on the floor for long periods of time. The glue on the linoleum is not easy to take off because of its sticky formulation, which is designed to hold the mat still. There are many methods available to remove this particular glue. You may use a heat gun, boiling water or chemicals that can remove glue. The natural method that uses heat gun and water is safe for your health, but you will need to be careful when using chemicals in cleaning the glue. Some chemicals are dangerous to your health if used without care.

The following tips include both natural and chemical glue cleaners on proper cleaning.

Natural method or chemical method? Decide which of the two you will use. The natural method is safe but it takes time to remove the glue. Chemical method may be bad for your health if used incorrectly, but it makes your glue cleaning easy and fast. Both of the methods are practical options, they clean the glue left by the linoleum so just pick the right method that you think is best.

Natural method:

  • Apply heat on the linoleum glue to make it soft.  Use a heat gun to heat the floor. You can also wet the floor with boiling water.
  • Put a towel on the place before applying hot or boiling water. This method will help wet the floor and to control the water flow. After doing this wait for 2 minutes before removing the towel. Heated glue is stinky so leave the room before scraping.
  • After 2 minutes take off the towel to begin shaving the glue. Use a scraping equipment or any tools that can help you take off the heated glue. If there are unheated portions on the floor, reheat it and scrape it until the linoleum glues are off.
  • Use a heat gun to heat the surface floor covered with glue. It is an alternative for boiling water. After it is heated, shove the soft glue with scraping tools. Just like the process on boiling water, reheat the surface which is not heated and take the linoleum glue off.

Chemical method:

  • If your floor is made of wood, check the label of the chemical if it is safe for your floor. Read the guidelines in using the product. Follow the proper amount stated on applying the product. A chemical called Goo Gone is available in the market for linoleum glue. If your floor is glass or porcelain, you can use a nail polish remover to remove the glue.
  • Apply or Spray the chemical on the glued portion of the floor. After spraying, wait for several minutes before rubbing it with a towel or rag. There are other glue removers that need long time before rubbing. The thickness of the glue can also affect the time needed for the chemical to take effect. You can also applying acetone or solvent to remove linoleum tile glue. This process is bad for your health because of the odor of combined chemicals, though. Leave the room before scraping the glue and come back after the odor evaporates. Scrape off the softened glue with scraping tools or use sandpaper, cardboard or old newspaper.


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