How To Get More Light into a Dark Room

Having ample light in your room is very important. Lack of light in a room may strain your eyes especially if you need more light because of reading or even just working on your computer. To be able to have more light in your room, here are some tips.

  • Check bulb wattage. If the light in your room is too dim, you can purchase bulbs with a higher wattage. You may also opt to choose fluorescent bulbs rather than incandescent ones. This not only lights up the room more, but it also saves energy.
  • Use the sun. Another energy saving tip, you can make use of a lighting called Solatube. It is a cheap and simple way to lighten up your dark room. It captures sunlight from your roof top and reflects it through the tube down to your dark room. This makes the most out your daylight and it is a good way of illuminating your room. This is a design that should be installed by experts to avoid any mishaps.
  • Change the colors. Light bounces off the walls of the room, thus having the right room color can also help in providing more light to it. You need to choose a color that will reflect the light more such as beige, pale yellow, or cream. This will enhance light reflection. Lighter colors helps bring more light into the room. Therefore, white is the best choice if you are aiming to maximize lighting up your room.
  • Accessorize. Installing room accessories like mirrors in a room also helps bounce of light. It can increase the amount of light brought into the space as long as the mirror is situated opposite the light source. Light colored, thinner drapes may also help bringing more light into the room. If you put heavy dark colored drapes, it will just block off light coming from your windows. You may also purchase light colored furniture to make your room brighter. Light also bounces off the furniture which means that everything in your room needs to have a lighter shade so that it can allow more light to bounce, thus illuminating your room more. Therefore, it is important to choose the right accessories in decorating your room. It shouldn’t just match everything else, but it should provide you with good lighting.
  • Rearrange your room. Check if there are furniture or appliances blocking your windows. Even if you install the light colored, thin drapes, but your windows are blocked, you are not allowing any natural light to come in. It also makes it hard for air to pass through making your room dull and stuffy. Always keep the area where your windows are located free from any furniture or appliance. In doing so, more light enters and air will flow through your room.

In any room you occupy, you should always remember that lighting it properly is very important. This will provide you with an environment that you can rest, work or play in and in any activity you engage in, good light is essential. This will not only help your eyes, but also your brain to function properly. Provided these tips, you can now start to bring more light into your dark rooms and into your life.


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