How To Get Paint Off of Hardwood Floors

Having your own hardwood floors is wonderful. But you should know how to deal with the problem of paint spilling on your floor. Even if this has never happened to you before, you should still be aware of the steps you can take if this accident should befall you.

The thought of having to clean up a hardwood floor can be very intimidating, but it is really easy to refinish and strip the paint from the hardwood floors on your own with some simple and affordable equipment that can be bought in nearby local hardware stores.

You should also consider the type of paint on the hardwood because there are some paints that can be easily removed. Another factor that matters is the period of time that the paint is on the floor.

Assess: Assess first the type of paint spilled on the floor because this will determine which method you should use to get your floor back to a clean, usable state . If the paint is water based, this is very easy to remove especially if it was just spilled a short while ago.

Thinner: If the paint is still wet, apply the appropriate thinner and clean it right away so that it can be easily removed. This should be used for oil based paint. For latex or water based paint, a wet rag soaked with water should be used.

Hot water: Plenty of hot water for dried water based paint can be used to clean the floor. The towel should be soaked in the hottest water that you can tolerate. The towel should be pressed down over the paint because the water based paint can be melted by a hot water especially if it is less than a month old. With the hot towel over it, the paint is soften and just remove the towel if it is starting to cool already and the rub the paint with force. Just repeat these steps if necessary.

Scrub sponge: A scrub sponge can be used for the older and hardened water based paint after rubbing it with a hot towel. Use furniture on the oil to avoid scratches from the hardwood floors but if you do not have this kind of oil, cooking oil can be used too.

Latex paint remover: A latex paint remover can be bought in local hardware stores nearby your house if the steps above are not that effective on your floor. However, if some of these removers are not that effective then the traditional hot water and scrub sponge should be used on the floor.

Razor knife: The leftover hardened oil-based paint can be scratched off with a razor knife. However, this technique should only be used if the paint has formed in thick drips. You can go back to touching your floor afterwards.

Do not panic when paint is spilled on your hardwood floor. Instead of prolonging the agony by berating yourself, you should immediately choose one of the techniques mentioned above and get to work on clearing up the floor. You should take immediate action once you see the paint on your hardwood floor. The tips presented here are faster, cheaper, and produces healthier and better results.


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