How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

No one wants to be bitten by little bed bugs that infest many homes. They breed in beds and old furniture. They are great travelers that they can easily be transported from one place to another. They can stick to your luggage from your various travels and end up residing in your own home. If you see signs of these bed bugs at home, act on them immediately. Here, check out these tips to help you get rid of them successfully:

  • Follow an integrated approach. There is the IPM or the integrated pest management approach that is used nowadays to defeat bed bugs. This involves different techniques such as sanitation, chemical application, and a lot of preventive measures.
  • Seek help from professionals. Find pest control companies that can help you get rid of these bugs. Their staff are very knowledgeable in terms of bed bugs that they know the right techniques to free your home from these pests.
  • Use rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is a good bed bug killer. Spray it directly to a bed bug so that it can be killed instantly. Rubbing alcohol can also kill eggs of these bugs.
  • Disinfect infested items. There are several items in your room that can already be infested by bed bugs even if you don't see one crawling in them directly. Disinfect smaller items in a hot locations such as places with direct sunlight for several days. This can also be done in an area with below freezing temperature for two weeks or more. For larger stuff such as beddings, wash them thoroughly. For items that can't be disinfected, discard them immediately.
  • Vacuum the location. Vacuuming the area can help you get bed bugs away from your home. The force coming from the vacuum can help remove bed bugs and even eggs from different spots at home such as carpets, bed mattresses, walls, and also other surfaces. After doing so, dispose the contents by sealing them in a trash bag. You can also opt to steam clean the carpet for a more effective removal of bed bugs.
  • Repair cracks at home. Bed bugs are known to live in cracks and loosened wallpaper. Therefore, repair any damage that you see so that you eliminate the dwelling places of these bugs.
  • Use insecticides. Generally, insecticides should not be used in places where you sleep, like mattresses and beddings. They can however be used as spot treatments to areas where bugs can be hiding such as crevices and cracks. It is best to use residual insecticides such as pyrethroids for this purpose. If there are still manifestations of bed bugs after two weeks of the first application, repeat the treatment.

Bed bugs are your worst enemies. However, they are not that much hard to defeat. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can say goodbye to these invaders. You surely will not find them again even in your dreams especially if you team these tips up with various preventive methods.


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